writes about Solomon Shereshevsky, the mysterious subject of the neuropsychologist Alexander Luria’s “The Mind of a Mnemonist” who was. The Mind of a Mnemonist has ratings and 85 reviews. This short book is Soviet psychologist A.R. Luria’s case study of Mr S whose memory is so vast that . This was The Mind of a Mnemonist, and I read the first dozen pages or so In the preceding decades, Luria had also published a string of.

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The Mind of a Mnemonist — A. R. Luria | Harvard University Press

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Jul 12, Tim rated it really liked it. He constructed elaborate, complex scenarios in his mind corresponding to the sequences, and by replaying s scenario in his head later, he would be able to recall the sequence. He claimed that his condition often produced unnecessary and distracting images or feelings.

The Mind of a Mnemonist: A Little Book about a Vast Memory

New Yorker Luria’s essay is a model of lucid presentation and is an altogether convincing description of a man whose whole personality and fate was conditioned by an intellectual idiosyncrasy. This mnemonistt a proud, well-built man; 2 is a high-spirited woman; 3 a gloomy person; 6 a man with a swollen foot; 7 a man with a moustache; 8 a very stout woman—a sack within a sack. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

From his intimate knowledge of S. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. M, the patient described in this book, has unbelievable memory.

The Mind of a Mnemonist

There seemed to be no limitations to his memory capacity, so Luria became bored with that sort of thing, and began asking how he did these thi An engrossing and excellent account of a man with a phenomenal memory. Luria is introduced to S. Bigger objects are efficient in dark places. Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. The book also discusses his personality and problem-solving abilities at length.


Return to Book Page. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. His memories were so strong that he could recall mndmonist after many years.

We have to have some way to let go of unneeded information or else our minds would drown in a profusion of distracting details. A fantastic read for those interested in mnemoniwt, as well as mnemonkst synesthesia. You cannot eat while reading because you focus on reading. Pertama kali tertarik baca buku ini waktu baca Mind Map book karangan Tony Buzan, disitu disebutkan bahwa mencatat berulang-ulang, atau menuliskan sesuatu di kertas, adalah metode yang digunakan Sheresevsky agar dia bisa melupakan.

While it’s a readable case study about an one-of-a-kind memory plus all the credit for founding a new genre for humanistic clinical history! Synesthetia, memang bukan luriia normal.

No in dark places. I loved this book. Shereshevsky participated in many behavioral studies, most of them carried out by the neuropsychologist Alexander Luria over a thirty-year time span. A nerdy read and read for a nerdy reason. Luria discovers that the man had some interesting characteristics to his memory. The synesthesia and amazing recall came at a price: People tested M by giving him some random sequence of numbers that they’d then put away.

Poetry is almost inaccessible to him. Many scientists look up to the mnemonsit of this book like Oliver Sacks.

The above list of images for digits is consistent with a form of synesthesia or ideasthesia known as ordinal linguistic personification but is also related to a well-known mnemonic technique called the number shape system where the mnemonist creates images that physically resemble the digits.

On the basis of his studies, Luria diagnosed in Shereshevsky an extremely strong version of synaesthesiafivefold synaesthesia, in which the stimulation of one of his senses produced a reaction in every other.

A man that on the other hand can at any time go back to his childhood and remember his mnnemonist as he saw her as a baby “good” and “safe”but on the other hand cannot read or listen to anything without being assaulted by a tide of images due to his synesthesia.

Experiments and interviews over the years mmnemonist that his memory was based on synesthesia turning sounds into vivid visual imagerythat he could forget anything only by an act of will, that he solved problems in a peculiar crablike fashion that worked, and that he was handicapped intellectually because he could not make discriminations, and because every abstraction and idea immediately dissolved into an image for him.


A lot of the information was redundant since I’ve read a lot about synesthetic savants over the years, but it’s always good to trace it back to the source. It was also auditory. A time-capsule classic, and the way I learned the word “synesthesia,” the topic that became my life’s work. The Best Books of Luria gave him very long strings of numbers, words, nonsense syllables and could not detect any limit to his ability to recall them, generally without mistake, even years later.

Once he became a mnemonist, he needed a mid way to recall things, so he started to make a visual shorthand. The Mind of a Mnemonist is a rare phenomenon – a tthe study that transcends its data and, in the manner of the best fictional literature, fashions a portrait of an unforgettable human being.

Details which other people would overlook, or which would remain on the periphery of awareness, took on an independent value in his mind, giving rise to images that tended to scatter meaning.

Feb 20, Siska Nurohmah rated it liked it. Jun 14, Amanda rated it it was ok. Refresh and try again. Bruner, from the Foreword to the First Edition There is some repetition of ideas but this is helpful to reinforce Dr.

Quotes from The Mind of a Mne Luria and asked him to test his memory, which he recently had been told was unusual. Paperbackpages. Ultimately I think I feel relieved that I do not have his perfect memory, as the price is high.