LIZARDMEN WARBAND. By Tommy “Punk” Fransson. “Although the temple city is a ruin and the vaults of the Old Ones have been sealed there is no telling. Product Description. Sculpted by Faron Betchley, the lizardman warband is ready to defend their swampy homes from any intruders. Each pack comes with cruit and equip your initial Warband. The maximum number of warriors in the warband may never exceed Heroes. Skink Priest: Each Lizardmen warband.

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Skinks are swift and agile, they lack the brutal power of Saurus, but wwrband are more intelligent and they can be deadly with missile weapons. Only a single model may be affected by the blessing at any given time, but the skink priest can choose to release the warbahd at the beginning of his turn if he wishes to attempt to recast it on another model later in the shooting phase.

I want to run a few games set in different places around the Warhammer world, so pirates seemed an appropriate faction as they can go pretty much anywhere in the world!


The bite attack ignores any effects of the weapon and uses the Saurus own Strength to wound. The heat of the sun god Chotec fills his chosen with energy. Some of the lizardmen are spawned with mark of a specific old one god. Nobody can resist his attack. Skinks can never receive Strength skills Infiltration – as skaven skill of the same name Great Hunter – Some skinks are so proficient with ranged weapons, their hands are steady and they shoot with lizarsmen accuracy.

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An old school sci-fi and lizardmeen wargaming blog.

Rules for lizardmen warbands in Mordheim beta 1

The spell may be cast on a single model within 6″ of the skink priest or on himself. I’ll base the lizardmen on the warband found in the Lustria: At the beginning of the turn the skink priest must pass ,izardmen leadership roll in order to keep spell going. Do not like that food — lizardmen have no use for halfling cookbook. Chris 17 January at Those blessed by master of stealth bear no distinctive mark.

Some skinks are exceptionally cunning hunters stalking prey in the jungles of Lustria. Skink henchmen may buy low-strength reptile venom for their missile weapons at a cost of 5 gc per weapon. I’ll GM a game and hopefully everyone will feel inspired – I know Major Hazard has painted up a band of vintage Citadel Skaven, so they’ll hopefully see some use should post them here!

Lizardmen Warband

Tzunki 10gc Sea green colour shows the mark of water deity Tzunki. This power can be used only on rolls directly affecting the character including one dice of 2 d6 or 3 d6 rolls and including lizaremen tests.

Reptile venom only lasts for one battle and remember that all henchmen in a group must be armed in the same manner.

Spiked shield 10 gc, common lizardmen only This shield is full of spikes and sharp edges, Saurus using spiked shield for predatory fighting use edged weapons critical injuries table. Kroxigor is equipped from the kroxigor equipment warabnd. Old Stuff Day post. As soon as a group of Skinks flee out of immediate danger they are likely to forget the experience and regroup for another reckless attack. Infiltration – as skaven skill of the same name.

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Chotec 20gc The heat of the sun god Chotec liaardmen his chosen with energy. As a group, we haven’t played Mordhiem properly, though we’ve all played it elsewhere over the years.

As this is a domain of skinks, Saurus heroes can never become leaders of the warband and leadership of Saurus or kroxigor can never be used for route tests and the warband can never have more Saurus warriors than there warbznd skink warriors.

Being veteran gamers, we use a range of rules sets, including Rogue Trader, Warhammer 40, lizarmen Ed, Necromunda and Mordheim. Only these reliable persons can be given the task of leading lizardmen warband. They may even succeed in opening a vault and steal the precious artefacts.

Tlazcotl 10 gc Yellow marked persons are the chosen of cold Tlazcotl. Welcome to the Maelstrom! If the to hit roll is a natural 1 then the bolas brain the caster with a S3 hit. Javelins are throwing spears used frequently by skink hunters. A single lizardman model within 6″ of the skink priest or himself may make an additional sprint of movement and move up to 4″.