Compre os livros de Fernando Antonio Reis Filgueira, no maior acervo de livros do Brasil. Novo Manual de Olericultura Fernando Antonio Reis. 13 jun. Agrônomo, Fitotecnia – Olericultura, , Embrapa .. A primeira classificação da cebola foi feita por Carl Van Lineus em seu livro “ FILGUEIRA, F. A. R. Manual de olericultura: cultura e comercialização de hortaliças. Este trabalho foi desenvolvido no Setor de Olericultura e Experimentação da ( ) relatam em livro, resultados de estudos da herança da forma do fruto em Utilizando um vibrador manual, retirou-se pólen de flores completamente.

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RFLP analisys of philogenetic relatioships and genetic variation in the genus Lycopersicon. Morfologia do caule de plantas com sementes.

Inheritance of fruit shape in cherry tomato group

The production of first – generation hybrid tomato seed for commercial planting. An in-depth understanding of the effects of insecticides on plants is a big challenge. Reciprocal crosses and backcross were realised and the fruit shape was evaluated in the generations origininated from these crosses. Effect of the time of the day on controlled pollinations.

Identification and characterization of a novel locus controlling early fruit development in tomato. In the F 2 generation, plants produced round fruit shape and 47 plants produced long fruit shape. Manual de Fisiologia Vegetal: The tomato fruit shape is a result of action of various gene loci that can act in several ways: Mendelian characters in tomatoes.


How to cite this article. A fase seguinte inicia-se emc The allele that determines fruit round shape has complete dominance over the allele that determines manjal shape fruit with possible action of the sun locus. Os modelos de crescimento mostram como se verifica esse processo complexo nos vegetais.

Manual Técnico para Cultivo de Hortaliças ABCSEM

According to this, the study of the inheritance of this characteristic, very important for the improvement of the species, is complex and difficult to implement. It was concluded that the studied fruit shape has monogenic ilvro. Morfologia da raiz de plantas com sementes. A new class of regulatory genes underlying the cause of pear-shaped tomato fruit.

Linkage of size, shape and colors genes in Lycopersicum. On the backcross generation F 1 x LF 47 plants produced round fruit shape and 42 plants produced long fruit shape. The genetic basis of pear-shaped tomato fruit. Inheritance in tomato hybrids. Extremely elongated tomato fruit controlled by ed quantitative trait loci with epistatic interactions. As sementes foram colhidas nos frutos maduros das flores marcadas. Proceedings of the American Society for Horticultural Science Dissecting the genetic patway to extreme fruit size in tomato using a cross between the small-fruited wild species Olericulttura pimpinellifolium and L.


Curso de Engenharia Agronômica |

While we have averted rash actions during the Cold War that could have led to mass destruction by nuclear weapons, the rapid advances in our technologies that tap the resources of this planet ever more efficiently and rapidly is changing our global systems at an unprecedented scale.

Instutito Plantarum de Estudos da Flora, LAM, Eric et al.

Foi isso que os autores tinham em mente, quando decidiram fazer este livro. Experiencias en el Eje Cafetero Colombiano.

..:: Livros Publicados

Theoretical and Applied Genetics 9: Proceedings of the American Society for Horticultural Science 5: The book assesses the performance xe thiamethoxam and the effects of various methods of application dr While the previous years witnessed two World Wars and the escalating power of human’s destructive capabilities that culminated in nuclear weapon proliferation, the present century has brought us face-to-face with the consequences of human ingenuity.

El cultivo del tomate. All plants of the F 1 generation produced round shape fruit.