Liber Null & Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic [Peter J. Carroll] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Two complete volumes in one. You are free to post anything you feel is relevant. Discussion is Liber Null and the Psychonaut: An introduction to chaos magic (PDF). Liber Null and Psychonaut has ratings and 69 reviews. I wish 20th century magical texts didn’t zoom into the whole “free love to shock the squares” thing.

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The mind should eventually become totally absorbed in its environment and thinking will cease. Some emotional states depend more on the activation of the purely physiological rather than the psychological responses.

Yep, do all that AND at the same time hold down a job, maintain your relationships, practice magick and try to see life for the cosmic joke it is. The author passes off several opinions as universal truth in Liber Null, only to admit that this is just one possibility of many in Psychonaut. Despite its notoriety, chaos magic isn’t the blackest magic out there, but the postmodern twitch on the oldest of arts.

The Self alone is God and should recognize itself in all things.

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Jun 04, Alistar Baker rated it it was amazing. These linkages are two-way, in that a stimulation of one may evoke the other and vice versa. The “dark night of the soul” which follows after certain forms of mystic exaltation is simply the general tone of the neuroendocrine system swinging wildly from elation to depression. For example, in cartomancy or Tarot divination, one should look through the pack first and then shuffle but lightly, or the result will be completely random, and the chances of the spread being able to stimulate the magical perception will be reduced.


If you have any other keywords you would recommend on this topic i would be more than happy to receive them, google them, and continue learning.

When stripped ljber local symbolism and terminology, all systems show a remarkable uniformity of method. The schema of Liber Nox. Ritual is a combination of the use of talismanic weapons, gesture, visualized sigils, word spells, and magical trance.

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So what is with this book? This functional mode impels us to thought and discovery; it is the motivation for intellection.

Open Preview See a Problem? Of all the techniques of gaining access to the double, narcosis is the least controllable and most dangerous. The mysteries can only be preserved by constant revelation. A natural inclination toward the darker side of magic is as good a point as any from which to begin the ultimate quest, and half this book is devoted to the black arts.

The desire is represented by some pictorial glyph, by a wax image to be wounded, bound, or healed, by the characters of a magical alphabet, or by some image in the mind’s eye.

Liber Null and the Psychonaut: An introduction to chaos magic (PDF) : fifthplateau

Instruments of sorcery also find their uses in the mantic art. As an observant dualistic being once said: Following are some suggestions for practical ritual invocation. This psychonauy fact is the key to sigils and most forms of magic spell.


To perform evocation by the Ophidian method, the attributes of an entity in sigihzed form are concentrated on at orgasm and may be afterward anointed with the sex fluids.

To him nothing is true; everything is permitted. If this were believed to be either heaven or hell one would feel free to do anything. In all things he must live like this. They are not the desired result but indicative of a loosening of belief. Will is not willpower, virility, obstinancy, or hardness. They show themselves as psychonauf animals and they show themselves in metals and in stones. The general level of mental noise can be suppressed by silencing liebr mind by some gnostic method.

In constructing a sigil, the aim is to produce a glyph of desire, 20 a Word method. Various methods of intercepting and interpreting these ripples constitute the mantic art or divination. Only laughter can be gotten away with for free. The barrier is also strongly free.

The survival of the magical tradition. The three methods of attaining magical trance will only yield results if pursued with the most fanatical and morbid determination.

No divinatory system should involve too much randomness.