Liber Israfel – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. LIBER ISRAFEL Sub Figura LXIV [Aleister Crowley] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Booklet in very good condition. Pages are clean and. So begins Liber Israfel (LXIV) from number 7, volume 1 of The Equinox. What a lot of people do not know is that the source of this ritual is not.

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FAQs of irafel for those who want to join a Khephra created in the Flesh! This is also the number of the chapter in the Egyptian Book of the Dead from which the ritual was inspired. Ultimate criminal enigma continues to intrigue and horrify years on — Sunday Post. Thee, Thee, I invoke! The Official Instructions of A.: Speech is dynamic and therefore divine, it is immediate.

Commentary on Liber Israfel. [lengthy]

The Speech in the Silence. Thee, Thee I invoke! Although I include quotes from the said Liber, I have left out other important footnotes for space considerations.


Ye who company the Bier to the House of Rest! Come Thou forth, I say, come Thou forth!

Come Thou forth, I say, come Thou forth! No sooner is the Word spoken than its manifestation appears. Mine is the Unseen Force, whereof the gods ,iber sprung!

And a word from lliber of my sponsors. The Breaking Forth of the Light! The Root of Vibration. Changing ever, yet ever The Same!

Lord of the Shrine which standeth israfe the Center of the Earth! Thou that manifesteth in thy symbolic form as ibis-headed one: May 31, at The Root of Vibration.

The Sun is Thy Father! The Wisdom of Breath.

The original working was done on 13 Maysix years before the version in the Equinox was published, and a year and a half before Crowley was initiated as Neophyte in the Order of the Golden Dawn. I travel upon high! And make all Spirits subject unto Me: The God of Wisdom is in my Heart!

Here is the traditional description of the Godform of Thoth which plays a very important role in Liber Israfel, but by no means is it alone. Lord of the Gates of the Universe! The Becoming Visible of Matter. By whatever name I call Thee, Thou art still nameless to Eternity: Saturday, January 10, Source of Liber Israfel.


Thou art The Same all-present in Heaven and in Hell! Isarfel, Thee I invoke. You must be logged-in to reply to this topic.

Commentary on Liber Israfel. [lengthy] |

Lord of the Shrine which standeth in the Centre of the Earth! This thought should so exalt him that he is able at its conclusion to utter the sublime words which open the third part: It is necessary to align oneself so as to receive direct communication from the Godhead Kether which shall be sent through Asi section 15 or the 13th path.

Procul, O procul este profani. The Sun is Thy Father! Behold, He is in me, and I in Him! Thou that vibratest between the Light and the Darkness! Thee, Thee, I invoke.