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Legal. Legal framework: Yes. Authorizing legislation: Ley N° Ley de Los Productos Farmaceuticos, Dispositivos Médicos y Productos Sanitarios (Nov. Relevant documents: Ley Nº ‑ Ley de los Productos Farmacéuticos, Dispositivos Médicos y Productos Sanitarios (Law No. on Pharmaceutical . Ley N° Ley de los Productos Farmacéuticos, Dispositivos Médicos y Productos Sanitarios (Law No. on pharmaceutical products.

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Enrique Seoane-Vazquez for his revision of the manuscript. However, it can also contribute to the increase in the safety, efficacy and quality of registered medicines. Hayakawa Kazunobu, Kimura Fukunari. Table 6 Characteristics of the 57 unique anti-infectives with statuses 4 to 8.

Associated Data Data Availability Statement The data that support the findings of this study are available from the Peruvian Drug Regulatory Agency but restrictions apply to the availability of these data, and so are not publicly available.

Awaiting registration The proportions for brand anti-infectives were Background Free Trade Agreements FTA are controversial for threatening important aspects of health especially access to affordable medicines. This explains the high percentage of generic anti-infectives of non-Peruvian origin in the low 24959 stratum pharmacies. Registration and re-registration require studies of interchangeability; however, in vivo bioequivalent studies are only required for high risk medicines.

Category 3 other medicines: Executive office of the president U. The Peruvian health care system is divided into public and private sectors. Furthermore, in some cases, they are only pharmaceutical alternatives such as different salts, esters or complexes; or different dosage form or strengths but are prescribed or dispensed as interchangeable with the originator.

In fact, insponsor companies of 45 new chemical entities requested data exclusivity in Peru, of which 21 were enforced, 11 had already le the exclusivity period, 11 were denied, and 2 were withdrawn [ 26 ].

Is the Brazilian pharmaceutical policy ensuring population access to essential medicines? Key performs centralized acquisitions of medicines and distributes them at a national level. This is confirmed by the results obtained from the 10 mo pharmacies in which almost the double of brand and generic anti-infectives were of Peruvian origin.

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Case study A total of anti-infectives were identified from ten community pharmacies in Arequipa, Peru. Lopert R, Gleeson D. The Law stipulates the time allowed to review applications and grant marketing approvals according to the new categories of medicines:.

ley no 29459 pdf

Health, cosmetics and key products. Articles Law of and D. Pharmacy surveillance must also assess the existence of the pharmacy license, the presence of the pharmacist, and the compliance with the prescription-only requirement for anti-infectives and other drugs. FTAs make it difficult for countries to transfer from market-based health care systems to publicly funded health care programs once n care markets are opened to competition [ 1 ].

A total of anti-infectives were identified from ten community pharmacies in Arequipa, Peru.

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In Peru, generics and branded generics are typically pharmaceutically equivalent but not bioequivalent to the originator. However, when the data were compared to DIGEMID reports, which are performed at the national level, the results did not differ greatly.

What is the impact of the NDP on the number of brand and generic anti-infectives registered in the country? Re-registrations The proportions for brand and generics were quite similar from to lsy Prescription and use 2945 antimicrobials evaluation study in ambulatory care at hospitals of the regional health directory-Lima.

The slightly higher proportion of non-Peruvian over Peruvian brand anti-infectives in the high socio-economic stratum pharmacies are an indication of the consumption of originator anti-infectives in this stratum.

The following recommendation should be taken into consideration by the Peruvian government: The private sector sells services to NISS in their clinics and doctor offices. The proportion of generic and brand anti-infectives sold in each retail pharmacy was also calculated as well as their country of origin. The FTA became effective on February 1, ; it aimed to improve the overall commercial and investment activity by eliminating or reducing tariffs on many goods including pharmaceuticals, accelerating the customs clearance process for US imports, and fortifying the protection of IP rights [ 6 ].

Table 1 A comparison between the registration laws before and after the Free Trade Agreement presenting the main changes related to medicines. Microsoft Office Excel was used to perform descriptive statistics.


The study included a small, convenience sample of pharmacies and the results of the study cannot be generalized to the situation in Peru. A case study was performed to determine the availability of anti-infectives at retail pharmacies comparing these with the anti-infectives registered through DIGEMID.

Furthermore, although growth in overall consumption of medicines is explained mainly by the public health sector, the total cost of such consumption is more related to consumption by the retail private sector [ 16 ].

Conclusions and Recommendations This study found that the number of new registrations and re-registrations of anti-infectives dropped considerably after the implementation of the NDP in Lita Araujo 1 and Michael Montagne 2.

The government manages and finances health services and medicines through Integrated Health Insurance with a low cost or no cost to people below the poverty or extreme poverty levels respectively.

According to Rangel [ 7 ], this nl provide better access to medicines while maintaining strong protection for innovation. Re-registrations were from brand and generics in to 6 brand and 5 generics in A comparison between the registration lej before and after the Free Trade Agreement presenting the main changes related to medicines.

Contributor Information Lita Araujo, Phone: Study research questions This study is intended to answer some of the research questions that arise as a result of the signing of the trade agreement and the subsequent implementation ho the NDP. Expired lfy status 4 were found in pharmacies in all three strata.

Human resources in health by The previous system only required an affidavit proving safety, efficacy and quality. The awaiting registrations numbers gradually increased from to for both types of medicines. The following recommendation should be taken into consideration by the Peruvian government:. Sincethe government has requested GMP certificates in compliance with the new Peruvian standards.

Brand and generic anti-infectives available at 10 retail pharmacies cluster by socio-economic strata. The modest Peruvian pharmaceutical market concentrates its production on generics and branded generics of good demand.