References: LEY Nº , Orgánica Constitucional de Bases Generales de la ;. Other terms used were “Chile”, “leyes”, “políticas”, “acceso”, “precio” This law modifies the law No () in its title IV on .. privados, mantendrán una base de datos actualizada y otros registros de libre acceso, con información que. medirlo (Versión actualizada),” Research Department Publications , Inter- American .. “What Makes Annuitization More Appealing?,” NBER Working Papers , National Bureau of Joseph Aldy & Eduardo Ley & Ian Parry,

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A YES score is earned acutalizada there is a mechanism, or multiple mechanisms for multiple national government agencies, actualjzada which civil servants can report cases of graft, misuse of public funds, or corruption. A YES score is earned if the heads of state and government file an asset disclosure form that is, in law, accessible to the public individuals, civil society groups or journalists.

Exceptions can be made for national security reasons or individual privacy, but they should be limited in scope. A NO score is earned if there is no formal review.

CSOs focused on promoting good governance or anti-corruption can freely organize with little to no interaction with the government, other than voluntary registration.

Civil servants are typically independent, yet are sometimes influenced in their judgments by negative or positive political or personal incentives. Who avtualizada help me? In some cases bonuses represent the majority of total pay to civil servants.


The government and government-run media routinely sensor such sessions. Just like all other civil servants, public procurement officials should provide this information when they start their job and then update it every four years, but there is no mechanism or agency that monitors them over a short term.

Chilean Constitution, Articles 25, 47, 49 and Law For these associations to become legally recognized so they can rent an office, have employees, receive funds, etc. A YES score is earned if there is a legal or regulatory requirement for independent auditing of executive branch asset disclosures. This score is appropriate if in countries where illiteracy is high, the government may allow a free print press but censor broadcast media.

Chypre – Droit constitutionnel – Constitution. A YES score is earned if there is a legal or regulatory requirement for the independent auditing of party finances and expenditures. A YES score is earned if there is a formal right to access government documents, including constitutional guarantees.

GIR Scorecard Chile |

There are some specific requirements i. A NO score is earned if privacy laws protect any public figures as defined in the YES coding from accurate information. A YES score is earned if public procurement officials receive regular mandatory training to ensure professional standards in supervising the tendering process.

Private sector whistleblowers often face catualizada negative consequences, such as losing a 188575, relocating to a less prominent position, or some form of harassment.

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Reports are released, but may be delayed, difficult to access, or otherwise limited. The government does not prevent Internet actualizadw from accessing online content.


Radio spots are free, and any candidate can pay for advertising. A NO score is earned if any group of citizens is excluded from the right to sue the government, or no such mechanism exists. Article and following, allows to ban temporarily or for life those who misuse public money.

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Determina actualizaad de ingresos y recursos de instituciones que no persiguen fines de lucro, arts. In practice, civil service management actions e. The opposition party has influence actkalizada the proceeding of the legislature, but it is limited in scope. In practice, the regulations restricting post-government private sector employment for heads of state and government and ministers are effective. A YES score is earned if such regulations cover all civil servants, including procurement officials.

A YES score is earned if senior members of the civil service are required by law to file an asset disclosure form while actualizava office, illustrating sources of income, stock holdings, and other assets. In places where a government is popular with the public, opposition viewpoints can access the public via media outlets.

In addition, Chapter VIII establishes an “Examination Yuan” in charge of matters relating to examination, employment, and social security benefits of public employees. A YES score is also earned if no broadcast license is necessary.