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ZoZoLaLa in Dutch Lists with This Book. On recommendation of Charlier, who has had bluberry dealings with the publisher, [49] the catalog was legally, but temporarily, housed at the French publishing house fr: Taken aback, Charlier later stated, “It was too late to do anything about it, it was done.

In order to give these releases a more “mature” image, the books were from the start executed as hard cover editions. We have never cooperated [ on Young Blueberry ], but when I introduced Colin to Charlier, it was already clear to me that he was good. Nlueberry was a co-founder of the famed European comics magazine Pilote. While Egmont completed the publication of the then existing series in whole for the latter two language areas, publication of the English titles already ceased after volume 4.

Written by co-creator Giraud, the series was set around the events depicted in The Lost Dutchman’s Mine and dealt with scrupulous gun runners arming Apaches, thereby instigating an uprising. Like parent publisher Dargaud, publisher Novedi considered the Young Blueberry books part of the main series at first untilbefore they were instituted as a separate spin-off series, mostly for the practical reason of wanting to avoid further pollution of release numbering and chronology.

Pithif rated it really liked it Nov 22, It turned out that Philippe was actually picking up where his father had left off.

GCD :: Cover :: Die großen Edel-Western #1 – Leutnant Blueberry – Die Spur der Apachen

While conceding that he found Vance’s particular style “seductive but sometimes artificial” — having been pleased with the first album, but less so with the second —Giraud himself was disappointed and hurt by the defection of a professional like the established Vance for reasons of aesthetics and integrity, as he wanted the series to be executed by only one artist, deeming the defection “disastrous” for the series.

Very artistically, he replied: I’m not saying it’s all entirely successful. While the removal of individual panels was regrettable from a graphic art point of view — as it, besides the missing art, also broke up the integrity of Giraud’s carefully designed page lay-outs, especially in ” Mustangs” [] —it entailed no consequences for the plot of the shorts, save the first one; in “Blueberry’s Secret” the in the synopsis mentioned Long Sam had witnessed the murder Blueberry was accused of and therefore able to prove his innocence, but is gunned down before he is able to do so by the real murderer, who in turn is gunned down by Blueberry, leaving Blueberry without any recourse to prove his innocence.


Jim77 rated it leuttnant liked it Nov 15, The first known English translation of Blueberry was that of the first blyeberry “Fort Navajo”, and appeared 18 months after its original French magazine blueebrry and before its very first book publication in September Yet, Giraud undertook no further action himself, partly because he was still leutant in the United States, too preoccupied with his own projects and the wrapping up of his affairs over there before his return to France and thus too busy to be engaged in secret negotiations with Novedi[63] and partly because his marriage to his first wife Claudine was in the early stages of falling apart at the time.

It were not only the Blueberry creators that were left in a pickle, as Koralle had managed to convince other well known Franco-Belgian comic artists to switch sides. Published by Delta first published However, the growing popularity of the comic elsewhere in Europe blueberrg onward [80] notwithstanding, the Netherlands included, “Fort Navajo” remained until the only Blueberry title translated in English.

The French edition however, sold out in a matter of weeks, and an additional In Koralle was on the verge of bankruptcy, and a scheme was devised to stave off this fate; international expansion. Rombaldieach of the six volumes collected four titles of the then existing main series.

While Wilson was working on “Terreur sur le Kansas”, he was asked by Giraud, who had shortly returned to Europe, to finish up on “Le bout de la piste” as well, as he was pressed for time, preparing to leave for California where he just had set up shop. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For a decade Blueberry resided in calm waters at Novedi. Actually, and by his own admission, Charlier had originally written McClure as a temporary, minor background character, leutnabt Giraud was so taken with the character that he asked Charlier to expand his role in the series, and which stands out as the earliest known instance of Giraud exercising influence on the scripts of his senior colleague.


Leutnant Blueberry Jugend 19 ISBN Isbn | eBay

It is true that blueberrry art for] “Le hors-la-loi” “The Outlaw” had been quite weak, but “Angel Face” made up for it”. Blueberry as drawn by Jean Giraud. Charlier’s initiative was not entirely devoid of a healthy dose of self-interest, as over half the releases in the collection, were, aside from Blueberrytitles blueebrry other comic series he had co-created.

It is a kind of a merging between Moebius and Giraud, as it concerns a story about sorcerers and sjamansquite out of this world.

Leutnant Blueberry 48. Jugend 19 ISBN 3770433521 Isbn-13 9783770433520

Very eager to return to Los Angeles as Jodorowksy requested his presence again, Giraud — who had returned to France for his other work during one of the lulls in the Dune production — greatly accelerated his work on “Angel Face”, then underway, breaking his “absolute record speed-drawing”, as he had coined it, and sheared off weeks from its originally intended completion date. With the growing popularity of Blueberry came the increasing disenchantment over financial remunerations of the series.

And even the fictional “Fort Mescalero” has resurfaced as Blueberry’s very first Far West posting in the prequel book Apachesaside from the fact that much of what he had envisioned for this project actually turned up in the Blueberry movie. Albums printed in Belgium for the UK market. Graphitti Designs releases European standard size hardcover graphic novel format in dust jacket.

I still have to rework the script and do the page divisions, but I think it will take between and pages. It should be noted that album publication of “Fort Navajo”, due the fact that Charlier had chosen to disseminate the title outside the French, Spanish and Portuguese language areas in magazine syndication, has posed problems for publishers in other language countries, especially in Germany and north-west Europe, when Blueberry broke out in popularity in the late s—early s, well before the syndication term was to expire in Fully subscribing to the publisher’s strategy, Charlier not only revitalized his Redbeard and Tanguy et Laverdure comic series — having been equally “devoid of inspiration” for these as well in the Pilote -era because of the royalties issue —but created the new Western comic, Les Gringos art by Victor de la Bluebeerryas well.