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This way, they know that 06.070.6 always going to have money. Print print speeds more vigorous Up to 40 ppmdual core 1 GHz processor1 GB memory Up to speed up the task of document or image processing. Are you free tomorrow night? What wrong ideas do teenagers get when they mo consuming drugs? Does your car always make a nasty smell? They haven’t paid not pay us for their last order. My feet are aching. Stephanie complemwntar her work every day at 4 p.

B Answer the following questions about the text. Here are some examples to be taken as convenient equivalents, not as rules: Speculate about possible future events based on the following information. In the short term, they can kill. Ive been wanting one of those computers for ages.


Choose either an adjective or an adverb from the words in italics. Im going to get to the airport early. After that, the women in her family paint her hands and feet with henna.

We agree about most things. Do you know who killed him?

Ive bought you a hat. In the following pairs of words, one is countable and the other is uncountable. Read the 06.07.6 passages about changes that are taking place in the software industry. We haven’t decided who will lead the project yet, but we are interviewing three possible candidates.

They believed in god, Ngurunderi, threw a spear into the ocean and lej this beautiful island. Rewrite each sentence without changing the meaning, beginning as given. I haven’t had a statement for several weeks. At the moment I’m living in Gladstone Avenue but I may leave soon. He’s our new Finance Director. The ing complemenyar is also used after prepositions. What a dirty face you have! Another function of the operating system is executing and providing services for applications software.

I got up at a quarter past six last Sunday morning.

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I buy one like it a month ago. What would you recommend? Detective Superintendent Cook said the woman comp,ementar with inquiries was not related to the child’s family. Merge documents and reorder pages.

Carol sees a half-hidden door in the house and is told sharply that it is private. Where was the baby found? He will tell you He says that he is very sorry. Imagine what Samsung can do for you! In the macabre the models are madness, mystery and murder in action and the maps are maps of hell. Davis has gone to Bali and won’t be back for two weeks.


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Wedding guests pin money to the wedding dress because they want to buy a dance from the bride. I need them today. Remind At first I didnt cojplementar for the job but Sarah persuaded me. What are the models in the macabre?

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I would do the same myself if I were in your place.