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Callosal axons cross the midline region and then find correct cortical areas in opposite hemisphere to establish callosal connection [ 3 ]. A tale of two halves.

[] Computational Design of Flexible Electrides with Non-trivial Band Topology

These three sections were used for image analysis because callosal projection shows high consistency at this level along the rostro-caudal axis in control brains. Slices from P10 mouse brains counterstained with Hoechst red showing somatosensory callosal neurons expressing EGFP green in their cell bodies middle panels and axon terminals in the opposite hemisphere right-hand panels.

On the other hand, accumulated evidence indicates that neuronal activity is critical in axon pathfinding. To test this possibility, c-Fos was used to examine cortical neuronal activity in P9 brain slices prepared from mice with P5 unilateral or simultaneous bilateral removal of sensory input.

Lesi, bilateral lesion of whisker hair follicles; Cont, contralateral side; Ipsi, ipsilateral side; Uni.

Strikingly, blocking sensory input bilaterally, by simultaneously transecting both IONs, results in rescued callosal projection. YQD conceived the study. In this study, we found that unilateral transection of ION during early postnatal period arrested callosal projection to the contralateral cortex. Please review our privacy policy.

Pre-target axon sorting establishes the neural map topography. Bilateral lesion of whisker hair follicles; Cont: After birth these two cortical areas undergo rapid development, such as formation of whisker-related barrel and topographic arrangement of ocular dominance, and these events are driven by continuous somatosensory and visual inputs, respectively [ 14 – 17 ].


Open lsi a separate window. Unilateral transection of ION; Uni. Interestingly, unilateral and bilateral disruption of visual sensory input with monocular or binocular vision by enucleation, or dark rearing at birth does not prevent targeting of cortical callosal projections from innervating the contralateral cortex [ 19 ].

Spontaneous excitatory postsynaptic current; VPM: Agenesis of the corpus callosum: To prolong their survival until P10, they were gavage fed with milk. Normal patterns of spontaneous activity are required for correct motor axon guidance and the expression of specific guidance molecules. We pursued this further by assessing the effects of non-simultaneous bilateral ION transection. After anesthesia with sodium pentobarbital, pregnant mice were subjected to abdominal incision to expose the uterus.

In mice with bilateral removal of sensory input, frequency of sEPSC of the cortical neurons in the S1 is equally reduced on both sides.

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Abstract Background Sensory input is generally thought to be necessary for 1134 and consolidating neuronal connections during brain development. Thus, it might be possible that callosal neurons in both somatosensory and visual cortices require matched bilateral sensory input to form their callosal connections.

Results Eliminating sensory input to either hemisphere by unilateral transection of infraorbital nerve ION prevents target selection of callosal axons in contralateral cortex. Every sixth sections were collected as one set section, in which about three sections were included at the approximate level of Bregma Four-thirteen neurons were recorded in each group, and data were stored with a personal computer using software of pCLAMP 10 and analyzed with Mini Analysis Synaptosoft Inc.


Simultaneous bilateral ION transection has no effect ,ei non-simultaneous bilateral transection blocks callosal target selection.


For example, spontaneous rhythmic activity in early chick spinal 1334 influences distinct motor axon pathfinding decisions [ 26 ], and intraventricular injection of tetrodotoxin blocks cortical target selection of thalamocortical axons [ 27 ].

Unilateral or oei bilateral removal of 11334 input may disrupt the balance of bilateral sensory input to the two somatosensory cortices, which may lek turn lead to mismatched activity between the two cortices. Representative recordings in brain slice prepared from mice with ION transection are shown in left panel, and quantification of the sEPSC frequency is shown in right two panels.

Received Nov 24; Accepted Nov Neuronal activity is altered in the somatosensory cortex after removal of sensory input Unilateral or non-simultaneous bilateral removal of sensory input may disrupt the balance of bilateral sensory input to the two somatosensory cortices, which may in turn lead to mismatched activity between the two cortices. Callosal projection defect is rescued after simultaneous bilateral transection of IONs Having found that sensory input to both callosal neurons and their targeting cortex is required for callosal axon target selection, we were prompted to explore the effects of eliminating sensory input altogether.

Sections were counterstained with Hoechst Sigma, St.

Ocular dominance shift in kitten visual cortex caused by imbalance in retinal electrical activity. Lesion of whisker hair follicles results in similar phenotypes To further confirm these results, we employed an alternative way to remove sensory input.

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