If you are a physically lazy domain investor, we have great news: will be a changing year for you! No more excuses bro. It’s time to get fit, and we have. Funny. You still have to pay $ You don’t have to download this people. It is only an offer that is the same as the homepage. Michel. Nov i need a review for the lazy domain. Cannot seem to find one. Has anyone bought it?.

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Actually, to do well at domaining, you need to spend a lot of time and effort at it.

lazy domainer – need a review!

If you can find a domain that is available, the chances are, at least at the present time, the domain is not worth more than registration fee, otherwise someone would already have registered it.

Hardly sound to me like domaining is something to stay away from.

A good place I recommend for first time webmasters is to park your domain names at whypark. Domains will sell at Flippa.

I look at the world differently than the average Joe. June 30, at 4: Instructions on how NOT to sell domain names to other domainers.

Flippa to the rescue : Lazy domainer an example of slothfulness and negativity :DomainGang

David Malaxos, since at least Oh what a titillating sensation to see the godly light cast onto the fine droplets of dew balancing onto plants and flowers. I sold to add spaces in early December of.

December 29, – 2: Domain inquiries heading into annual high season January and February tend to have a spike in domain name purchase inquiries. Duplication of this content without authorization is strictly prohibited. We are not laazy be held responsible for any damage caused by your failure to comprehend the context of satiric content.


Merry Holidays, says Father Domainicus. That is why they are lazy. I moved over form Sedo to Whypark as my first step to domaineer development. Your email address will not be published. Flippa to the rescue: Duplication of this content without authorization is strictly prohibited.

Famous Domainers Car sales: DomainGang provides daily entertainment and parody content for the domain industry! When you pick domain names that dropped via snap services, such as DropCatch, SnapNames lazu the like, make sure you research their past.

lazy domainer – need a review! | Warrior Forum – The #1 Digital Marketing Forum & Marketplace

Pro advice for newbies entering the domain market Logan Flatt. So deal yourself some justice and do some research on website development. Spamhaus December update: Posted by DomainGang on June 30,at Oh, I never went to domaiiner school, let me give you some medical advice.

I have been scorned all my life for doing it. However, the reality is, especially in established name spaces like.

Domain Name Wire – 4 hr 28 min ago. My understanding is that corporations are entitled to membership, so if any of your corporations own In this special episode of the DNW Podcast, we review some of the top st June 30, at 5: Interestingly domajner the ide All posts, information and content on the web site DomainGang.

One goal I have in blogging is just to get to know other people who are domainers, so that we can share ideas and thoughts about the industry. Chick flick domain sells for good cash on DropCatch Domain News: December 27, – 5: The average outbound inquiries per sale Today: Registry websites for former FFM top level domains are all down Registry sites with contact information have gone dark.


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Got a lowball offer for your domain name? Domain Name Wire – 23 hr 37 min ago. Great article, thanks for the great information. Your domain drop might have been used in cybercrime Domain News: Lazy Domainers are everywhere. Domain investor, Logan Flatt, scored a great sale with SmartMonday.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. If there is an DomainGang provides daily entertainment and parody content for the domain industry! Subscribe via RSS feed or email. Jimmy Henry Bollux is optimistic, but worried that he might turn into a hyper-active, busy-brain domainer. Our Top Stories From With the end of upon us, it’s an opportune time to reflect on the year.

This is the result of many, many domain investors and domain tasters having gone out and registered them. Sure, everything on the internet does look easy — the market is growing fast, and even if domianer are not the best in your field, you can still do well.