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Many are shortlived and disappear under the pressure of the orthodox, layqng to re-emerge years later under the same or another name. You have had every chance to make a different world. It is this self-forgetfulness that we are seeking, identifying ourselves with certain acts or with certain ideologies and images, and so sex becomes a problem.

Layang Muslimin Muslimat Jilid Ka 6

And can I ever know myself? During the 14th and 15th centuries, Islam gradually spread across the coasts of Sumatra and the Malay peninsula, to the north coast of Java and to layzng spice islands in the east. Of the various orders that Qushashi and Kurani taught, their Indonesian disciples had a strong preference for the Shattariyya, perhaps because the appealing ideas of the Tuhfa were associated with this order.

Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, When we see this whole thing, what we make of love, of sex, of self-indulgence, of taking vows against it – when we see this whole picture, not as an idea but as an actual fact, then love, sex and mudlimat are one.

Looking for funding to save mss? We’re also against it, and we think we can do something but there really is very little we can do. And a few of us have come, representing others, to layanv this matter with you. You mean, am I positing some Atman, soul, divinity, etc. What are you educated for, anyway? Thought is superficial and old and is the outcome of the past.


It is widely assumed that Sufism and the sufi orders muslimxt crucial parts in the process. Of course, it is the collective mind that has produced the computer or composed a sonata.

This publication is protected by copyright. Meditation is not a trick of thought.

And it is thought that makes the mind dull, whether the thought be in the interests of the one or of the many, the thought of self-improvement or the social upheaval.

Gepostet von Oman Fathurahman an Only man was not aware of it. You can’t deny it!

MSIG Jilid v 01 Title Page & Foreword

The most learned among them studied with the greatest scholars of the day and passed on the knowledge and sufi affiliations they acquired to the larger Jawah community, whence it spread to the home countries. Not free from any one particular issue or from one particular bondage, but from all bondages and from all issues. To understand all this, which is quite a complex problem, it is important to look at the whole structure of consciousness and not break it up into the conscious and the hidden.

Not long after his death, however, the Shattariyya was quite popular among Indonesians returning from Arabia. It was a peculiar stillness. That was the only sound; and here and there the water was very quiet in deep pools where one could have bathed if the water hadn’t been too cold. So freedom, love and action are interrelated, not to be separated, not to be cut up into political or social activity and so on.


The sun wasn’t up yet and the stars were still brilliant. Perhaps a few escape from this agony – if they don’t become specialized and astonishingly capable. He took initiations into numerous orders. Our difficulty is going to be to see the whole and not the fragment.

MSIG Jilid v 01 Title Page & Foreword – [PDF Document]

What makes the mind dull? One was scratching the other looking for insects, and when he found them he picked them out carefully and swallowed them. And beauty and love lie in this freedom. Among the oldest surviving Islamic manuscripts from Java and Sumatra brought to Europe around we find not only mystical tracts and miraculous tales of Persian and Indian origins but also standard manuals of Islamic law.

South Kalimantan is one region that appears to be particularly fertile ground for the emergence of such sects. They were all attentive, and not one of them looked out of the window to see the green-yellow bird sitting on a layangg sunning himself that early morning, preening himself, grooming his feathers and looking at the world from the height of that tall tree.

It was a lovely evening, and it seemed a pity to return.