The Laxdaela Saga addresses the eternal triangle of love between Kjartan Ólafsson, Bolli Thorleiksson and Gudrún Ósvífursdóttir. Kjartan and his foster brother. This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, It may be copyrighted outside the U.S. The Laxdaela Saga, a story of the men and women of the Salmon River valley, is an Icelandic family saga believed to have been composed in the middle of the.

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I would highly recommend it. The past is clouded over, dark and murky.

Share your thoughts with other customers. This Egil has a daughter who is called Thorgerd, and she is the woman I have made up my mind to woo on your behalf, for she is the very best match in all Borgarfjord, and even if one went further afield.

Now, as day drew on, crowds drifted down to the shore. Hrut took his lot very much to heart; but things remained quiet. The boy was sprinkled with water, and was given the name of Hrut. He had made her an offer of marriage, after she had been an householder for but a little while, but Melkorka refused him flatly. He then travels to Constantinople where he gains renown as a member of the Varangian Guard. At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context.

So she had a ship built secretly in a wood, and when it was ready built she arrayed it, and had great wealth withal; and she took with her all her kinsfolk who were left alive; and men deem that scarce may an example be found that any one, a woman only, has ever got out of such a state of war with so much wealth and so great a following.


Olaf replied, “They would not allow me to bring your foster-mother out of Ireland, mother. Vigdis answered his pleading in this way: In that, it has less of a clear plot than Njal’s saga or certainly more mythic stories like the Nibelungenlied.

The saga focuses in particular on Ketill’s daughter Unnr the Deep-Minded. There was some snow on the ground. He lives at Borg, in Borgarfjord. After that she went to find Helgi, her brother, followed by twenty men; and when she came there he went out to meet her, and bade her come stay with him with ten of her folk.

The king gave him a ship at parting, and said he had proved a brave man and true. Thord had a thrall who had come to Iceland with him, named Asgaut.

Laxdaea some point this text becomes a typical saga, with a chain of murders and revenges. Olaf accepted his invitation, and went there with seven men. Ingjald spoke out, and said to his companions, “What plan shall we follow now? His sons had a worthy cairn made for him; but little money was put into it with him.

Immediately filled with regret, Bolli holds Kjartan in his arms while he dies.

Laxdaela Saga Summary & Study Guide

I skipped over this one, because I read that it focused too much on Christian Europe. Osk, Thorstein’s daughter, was given in marriage to a man of Broadfirth named Thorarin. Gunnhild paid great heed to Olaf when sheknew he was Hrut’s brother’s son; but some men would have it, that she took pleasure in talking to Olaf without his needing other people’s aid to introduce him.

Hoskuld’s house-carles sprang forthwith up, and seized their weapons, and words were sent to the nearest neighbours for help, so that they were a party of fifteen together, and they rode each one as fast as they possibly could.

Unn loved him above all men, and made it known to people that she was minded to settle on Olaf all her belongings at Hvamm after her day. The bride was in the journey too, and with her a chosen company out of all the countryside.


Enjoyable, although it covers a series of people and events that are only loosely strung together.

I found the work strange but rewarding, and certainly deserving of the status of a classic. Early one morning, as Hoskuld had gone out to look about his manor, the weather being fine, and ladaela sun, as yet little risen in the sky, shining brightly, it happened that he heard some voices of people talking; so he went down to where a little brook ran past the home-field slope, and he saw two people there whom he recognised as his son Olaf and his mother, and he discovered she was not speechless, for she was talking a great deal to the boy.

The Laxdaela Saga is named after a river in northwest Iceland where the events told about took place in the early 11th century.

Laxdwela More in these related Britannica articles: From her come the men of Headland of Islefirth. Then said Hoskuld, “Now the matter stands so that we can close our bargain.

Hrut now moved his dwelling, and abode to old age at a place which now is called Hrutstead. At that time there rose to honour among men in Thorness, the kinsmen of Thorstein, named Bork the Stout and his brother, Thorgrim.

For it is said that ever he is the lesser man who fosters another’s child.

Laxdæla saga | Icelandic literature |

He sagz his speech thus: All the goodmen took one counsel, and went to Hoskuld and told him their trouble. Both feuds are between friends, but the fires are stoked by women, for example. Feb 04, Michael rated it liked it Shelves: In a lot of ways the text is somewhat clinical, very matter-of-fact.

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