March 20, The Cascadia Wolves series books have gotten a titled: ENFORCER, TRI MATES, WOLF UNBOUND and STANDOFF) — all. For every wolf, there’s a mate out there. So Tracy Warden is thrilled when she discovers Nick Lawrence, the sexy Enforcer for another Pack, is her mate. The complete series list for – Cascadia Wolves Lauren Dane. Series reading Tri Mates / Wolves’ Triad. Paranormal Reluctant / Reluctant Mate: A Novella.

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But still an enjoyable read.

Tri Mates (Cascadia Wolves, #2) by Lauren Dane

Parts of the story are not made clear enough and most definitely are cleared up by the end leaving you with more questions than you started with. Gabe, now he I really liked but he wasn’t given enough page time. Sexy, smart and a can’t put it down read! The fact Nina and Tracy are so close is an amazing thing too, though Tracy had been there for Nina when she most needed it. They’ll remain the same stories as the original versions.

She definitely is a solid character with a sweet side. I loved getting reacquainted with the characters I remember so fondly from before.

Though Cade and Lex are the ones that display their protectiveness openly, and almost deliver a threat of what the will do if their baby sister is hurt in any way. And plus i can tolerate a tri mate scenario better than the tri-bond weirdness. I would have loved if they had dual narration of this series.

I adored Gabe and his willingness to do what wllves best for his mates. There are many things that I liked and didn’t like about this story. Feb 21, Rubz added it Shelves: How do you go from “She’s Mine! Nina does want change within the pack structure, to make things more democratic and she may just have someone else whose thoughts are similar to hers in Gabe Murphy. Problems with the publisher meant she maets the series until now. This continues in Laurej Triad. Hmmm I am having some like and dislike things with the narration.


Though things go from shaky to being awful and dangerous when the Cascadia pack members, Alpha and eldest brother Cade, enforcer Lex and his mate Nina along with Tracys parents, Henri and Beth and grandmother Lia all arrive at her mates home and their is a very thin veil covering bubbling animosity towards Tracy.

Cascadia Wolves Series

Lex and Nina laugh, with Nina telling Tracy when she meets “the one”, her very own mate, she will not want to be separated from them and will understand. I enjoyed this more than the first. Angela James She got her rights back from her publisher and is going to re-release them at some point.

Preview — Tri Mates by Lauren Dane. There’s the wolf silhouette at the bottom left corner. For this review and more, check out EDGy Reviews And as always…… Happy Reading!! The ease with which her “first” mate Nick accepts this and accepts Gabe as his pseudo-lover is interesting, and not in a good way.

I am just on the fence with the narration right now. His character was something that I could really like but I felt he spent most of his time in the background. Open Preview See a Problem? I’m enjoying this series more and more, considering how crappy I thought the first book was. Both enforcers Lex from Cascadia and Nick from Pacific will meet up with the mediator to discuss the situation and solve the problem.

This was a story about acceptance and a strong bonded love between three people. You’ll have to read the book to find out. I wasn’t fond of Nina and Tracy I really did not like at all.

wllves He was more pretty boy than feared Enforcer of his pack. This series trk not be for everyone if you have trouble with the tri-bond concept, but I think this is a personal preference issue because they writing is awesome.

As well as the more life threatening and political manoeuvres, that the three main characters get stuck in the middle of. I originally thought this was going to be purely a romance book.


With action, intrigue, humor and lots and lots of sexy times, this is a series I am thrilled to see being resurrected.

What type of shitty ending is that? Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. My Thoughts – 5 out of 5 Unicorns – I loved it!!! Dane has built a paranormal world where wolves have fated mates matee when they dxne them cue the insta-love.

His cool calm demeanour shouldn’t have you fooled!. This was the book I was most curious about when I first ran into this series way back when so I was eager to see how it was handled. There’s really is no time for a honeymoon.

Adne theirs the fact she will be the one to move, leave her house, business and more importantly her family behind to fit in with her mate and his pack. She has a figure close to each side of her, and we know the hint from the first line in the blurb “The tri-mate is just a myth”.

Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window Click to share on Pinterest Opens in new window Click to share on Tumblr Opens in new window Click to email this to dahe friend Opens in new window. Mages was a bit in the dark about the backstory, because I didn’t do my research and work out this was the second book in a series.

Nick’s pack and Alpha pair his brother and s-i-l for whom he is Anchor are so weak it’s laughable. I am finishing it right wolvee and love it! I felt she cared more for Nick than Gabe.

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