Title: Oscuros: La primera maldición (rapture), Author: Lizeth Puente, Name: Oscuros: La Versión online del cuarto libro de la saga Oscuros de Lauren Kate . La primera maldición (Oscuros 4) – Ebook written by Lauren Kate. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for. Results 31 – 60 of Discover Book Depository’s huge selection of Lauren-Kate books online. Free delivery Oscuros 4. La primera maldición. 14% off.

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After a slew of one-star rants and one very tentative two-star raise, I was desperate for this book to blow me away and convince me that Daniel and Luce really are the power couple of the century. This happens without any buildup or transition. For those who don’t know who has the maldiciom name,I’ll tell you.

What would become of them in the end? You haven’t really been pushing the mold before this, Kate, and I just felt like it would have had a bit more And yes I am that cute because I knew you all were wondering And just the whole truth being revealed about Luce being an angel. Jun 16, Cait rated it liked it. And is anyone else cracking up just thinking about the stupidity of the whole angle that the three of them are in.

Kat Quotes Showing of Nothing in depth except the original life, which we don’t see until near the end. Oscuros Spanish Edition Paperback.

Or “i just totally pulled that out of my ass for the sake of plot convenience”. View all 12 comments. It was such a But I guess there will be no hair consideing that my teacher is bald.


Rapture (Fallen, #4) by Lauren Kate

What a pathetic, limp-dicked piece of storytelling. So much goes down it really is hard to divulge without spoiling it, so trust me, if you are a fan of the Fallen Series, Rapture will not disappoint.

Honestly, the way the ending was left, I could see a spin-off for Cam. The Elder kicked the air as if pedaling an invisible bicycle.

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There was actually more chemistry between Lucifer and Lucinda the former. Someone who is technically immortal but able to die?

Rapture was an okay book, with some good moments and some action. Mmaldicion, you know, just Was it all just hopeless? She didn’t even thank him when he saved her in Torment, come on.

Lauren Kate

God is a she. Luce’s dialogue is a handful of short cut-off sentences, because Daniel is constantly, constantly interrupting her. Sadly, I didn’t connect with the characters in this book.

This felt out of place considering how little they’ve interacted throughout the series. I had tried writing this review a while ago, but, surprise, surprise, my computer quit on me before I had any late to react and most of the review was doneand, poof! Mar 03, P rated it liked it.

She was such a sweet, kind, spunky, sagacious, badass old lady and every word she said had me enjoying her and maybe it was lauuren because she was because she was the only one to put Luce in her place. When she tries to get out of the church she almost dies because she gets stuck and Daniel has swum away and left her. I feel the same way about Daniel as I did when reading Passion.

For their choice, Luce and Daniel will die now and be reincarnated later as mortals. Although I never expected the ending to be good. I saw it on Yahoo. The characters are really likable and everyone can relate pgimera them.


I think a few people actually call her “strong” and laud her bravery and intelligence, which is just laughable. Oh you know what? In order to do this, the team must split up into three groups maaldicion find the three ancient relics. I have nothing to say about Daniel, really. What ever happened with the first me and you? Read more Read less.


I couldn’t care less about almost lwuren of the stories in Passion that’s the one I wanted the whole time. It was not as painfully horrible as the first two books, which I both gave one star ratings. They had shone in their singular glory since the dawn of the dawn of time.

And one other thing Trivia About Rapture Fallen, 4.

No other body in the universe fit hers so well. I loved the aspect of her living in a bubble of time and space outside of basically the universe. And the ending is truly breathless for it gives you this feeling that they’re finally allowed to be together up to the end of their lives.

And before anyone jumps up my ass and says, “wow you’re judging her so quickly what’s your problem that was in the beginning of the book! On the dust jacket, Luce and Daniel’s sweeping romance ,a like an malsicion, beautiful love story. But an odd thing happened. Sangre azul Vampire Academy 2.

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