Monday, 29 June Just what is the Kyani Compensation Plan? Unlike binary and unilevel marketing plans where breakaways, cutoffs. kyani comp plan- check out our phenomenal growth! http://www. kyani compensation plan – Google Search Wellness Company, Health And Wellness, Wealth. You are here: Home / Kyani / Kyani Compensation Plan – Is it any /uploads/ /01/

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This company can be your vehicle on the road to financial freedom and a lifetime of satisfaction by helping others. Below is a chart of the PayGates, the amount they pay out, and kyank volume requirements to earn those PayGates.

Compensation Plan version 6. USA ENGLISH compensation plan for associates compensation plan Once you have enrolled as an Associate, it is important for you to become active and remain active every month in order to be eligible to. Kyani gives its representatives multiple channels where they could earn their income. The width of your Sponsor Tree is as wide as the number of people you personally recruit.

A total of 10,CV accumulated to Distributor A. Note that volumes per distributor were increased to CV in order to keep the illustration small enough to demonstrate this PayGate. Because you can qualify for PayGate Accelerator Bonuses the first four PayGates with just two legs, s, moving Kare may be a possible approach. Enroll in the Automatic Delivery. Residual PayGate commissions are calculated using the volume you reached during the calendar month.


Also known as a downline, this encompasses all members located beneath a particular distributor. And also if you scoot from one ranking to another, you are also qualified for the Quick Begin Reward.

Each of the yellow boxes qualifies for PayGate 1.

Kyani Compensation Plan – Is it any different than other mlms?

Our vision is perfectly. MQV for rank qualification will be capped under leg rules. Go back to step 1 at the next lower rank. To qualify for this gate, your Power leg needs to be at least CV and 3,CV in the rest of your legs.

This placement is automatic and directly determined by who recruited the new distributor. Remember the bonus is on CCV only. Total volume of all legs equals 53,QV.


Sign-up and purchase your product package. If they want product, they can contact the distributor directly, contact customer service, or go to the corporate website and log in to purchase the product. This is a total of 56 distributors that the Sapphire in the yellow box would match. Comparing this to the chart, you may qualify for Emerald. It is only Personal Customer Sales.

If you do not want to be a Distributor, you may purchase the Wholesale Membership More information. Below are 6 means to earn with Kyani:. Since this translates into improving people s. Zurvita reserves the right to amend its compensation plan as necessary.


A Delaware Corporation P.

You will only be obtaining compensation from 1 generation. In the illustration llustration below, you will notice that Kare was placed below Mary.

Kyani Compensation Plan – Is it any different than other mlms?

The one exception is if you break to a higher rank. Legs occur in both the Sponsor Tree and the Placement Tree.

This is less than the minimum requirement. There are multiple options of autoships to select from depending upon which market you are in. Together we will build a living legacy and touch the lives of thousands of people.

If a participant in the pool has someone below them reach the compnesation rank or higher, then their factor is multiplied by 1. Note that volumes per distributor were increased to 0CV in order to keep the organization small enough to illustrate this PayGate.

If this total still equals or exceeds the Total Volume Requirement, then you have reached the rank.

First, it is important to understand the general flow of volume. This document explains how independent consultants are compensated through our generous Compensation Plan.

Whether you are looking Compensatiln information. Qualification is required monthly. Simple to More information.