In his forty years of teaching philosophy, Kreeft says the most effective way to accomplish this purpose is to read ophy means “the love of wisdom. “The popular author and philosophy professor Peter Kreeft presents this introduction to philosophy to help beginners not only to understand philosophy but also. After teaching philosophy for forty years, Peter Kreeft finds reading the Apology of Socrates to be the most effective way to help beginners “fall in love” with.

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The third possible standard is any natural forces less than the human will, for example, fear, animal instincts, pas- sions, and so on — something subrational. An Introduction to This Book This book is designed both for college classrooms and kreefr “do-it-yourself” readers.

Philosophy 101 by Socrates : An Introduction to Philosophy Via Plato’s Apology

Yet Socrates insists that “virtue is knowledge”, that “vice is ignorance”, and that “no one does wrong knowingly. That is why my father and my other kin are bitter at me when I prosecute my father as a mur- derer.

They say he did not kill the man, and had he actually done it, the victim was himself a mur- derer, and for such a man one need have no con- sideration. The philoeophy greatest teachers of wisdom to our culture, our culture’s two most influential heroes, were both profoundly countercultural. Lists with This Book.

Philosophy 101 by Socrates: An Introduction to Philosophy via Plato’s Apology

If he only knew with this deep knowledge described above that virtue was the path to happiness, he would practice virtue, because all men want happiness. State what you take piety and impiety to be with reference to murder and all other cases. Truth is never on trial; we are. Peter Kreeft No preview available – Even an atheist can be pious or religious in this sense, if he “believes in” and loves and pursues and steers his life absolutely by truth; if he is an atheist because he believes atheism is true.


They would hardly be at variance with each other, if they did not differ on these questions.

Full text of “Philosophy by Socrates: An Introduction to Philosophy via Plato’s Apology”

Neither in court nor in war ought I or any- one else to do anything and everything to contrive an escape from death. But he mentions the so- cial dimension of his one-by-one philosophizing here by dividing philosopjy life’s Herculean “Labours” into dia- logues with three social groups. They seem to be judging Socrates, but behind the appearances the real truth is that he is judging them, simply by being what he is.

Children who at an early age are punished for exploring the unknown will find it hard later to trust their own curiosity and will pre- fer the safety philosopby the known, like scared rabbits afraid to come out of their comfortable holes. People do all kinds of wrong, and then there is nothing they will not do or say in order to escape the penalty. This makes me want to do further reading. For this sense of obscurity, strangeness, and mystery, the sense that there is more in the thing than in the thought, “more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in your philosophy”, is precious and increasingly rare.

He appears to me to be a young man, and unknown. In fact, his next words are, “Be sure of this”— words he hardly ever speaks, philosophg right after he has re- vealed that his claim to wisdom is that he does not know what others think they know.

In fact, Kreeft goes to show how faith and reason can coexist if used trenchantly: He is also in truth the most pious man in Athens, but they will persuade the jury that he is an atheist.


And whether anyone becomes good af- ter this or not, I could not fairly be called pihlosophy cause of it. Philosophy of Education’ Ed. The Sophists were hated even more in Athens than lawyers are in America which has 4 percent of the world’s population and 75 percent of the world’s lawyers. A teacher cannot put ideas into the student’s mind as a parent can put food into a baby’s mouth.

Well, now, if you who are so well versed b in matters of the sort entertain the same beliefs, then necessarily, it would seem, I must give in, for what could we urge who admit that, for our own part, we are quite ignorant about these matters?

He is speaking on a subject he holds most dear, the works of Plato. I will call the god in Delphi as witness phiilosophy my wisdom” 2oe. The fact is that no man in the world will come off safe who honestly opposes either you or any other multitude [democracy, too, can be totalitarian], and tries to hinder the many unjust and illegal doings in a state.

Philosophy by Socrates: An Introduction to Philosophy via Plato’s Apology by Peter Kreeft

I accept it, Socrates; that was stated. Which is a greater labor: And conscience seems to “speak” almost with a “voice”. In the past, its form was mainly oratory, that is, speechmaking, either political or religious or legal.

They did not question their beliefs, but questioned Socrates’ questioning of their beliefs. His judge, Pilate, showed the same philo- sophical face as Socrates’ judges by his scornful ques- tion, “What is truth? The Coherence of the Dialogues. Well then, what is pleasing to the gods is holy, and what is not pleasing to them is unholy.