Konwencja o ujednoliceniu niektórych zasad dotyczących międzynarodowego przewozu lotniczego (Konwencja montrealska). Konwencja o ujednoliceniu. przewozu lotniczego, podpisana w Warszawie w październiku r., w skrócie zwana Konwencją warszawską (). 2 – Protokół zmieniający Konwencję o. Nnkonwencja warszawska pdf. Iv, wroclaw, poznan Konwencja warszawska i system warszawskomontrealski 29 2. Gsgraph grazyna szostok.

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Global Navigation for Pilots 2nd ed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Lack, irregularity or loss watszawska the ticket does not affect either the existence of, or the validity of the contract of carriage, which however will be subject to the provisions of this Convention.

This page was last edited on 9 Octoberat Noting the interim solution of the above Agreement, ICAO had no alternative but to work on a permanent solution. The Convention for the Unification of certain rules relating to international carriage by aircommonly known as the Warsaw Conventionis an international convention which regulates liability for international carriage of persons, luggage, or goods performed by aircraft for reward.

The conference was formally deferred on two occasions due to reluctant behavior of the governments of various nations to act on such a short notice without the knowledge of the proposed convention.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Paragraph 1 this Article shall not apply to clauses concerning loss or damage, resulting from the inherent defects in the cargo or.

Baggage accepted for shipment shall be issued a baggage check, which — unless it is connected to the passenger ticket corresponding to the provisions of Article 3 paragraph 1 or not part of such a ticket, should contain: Baggage check until you give evidence to the contrary is proof of the baggage for the expedition and conditions of the contract of carriage. The instruments of ratification have been deposited in the archives of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which will notify the submitting to the Government of each High Contracting Parties.


Aircraft maintenance technician Aircraft ground handler Baggage handler Flight dispatcher.

EUR-Lex – A(01) – EN – EUR-Lex

The four stamps depict Malaysia Airlines’ major destinations. Warszawsoa dmy dates from May All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from February It unified an important sector of private air law. However, a passenger may, by special agreement with the carrying higher limits of liability set.

The provisions of paragraphs 1 i 2 this Article shall not apply, it is proved, that the damage resulted from an act or omission of an employee or representative, caused or intent to cause damage, warszawskaa recklessly and with knowledge, there is a likelihood of injury. Subsequently, the Convention will enter into force between the High Parties to the parties hereto, which have ratified it, a High Contracting Party, which has deposited its instrument of ratification, the ninetieth day after the document.

Signed on 12 Octoberthe Warsaw Conventionformally entitled Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Airhas evolved into one of the most important instruments of private international law.

In the convention there is a provision of successive carriage and a combined carriage partly by air and partly by other modes of transport as well. The foregoing provisions shall not apply, if the amount of damages awarded at no cost, court and no other process costs do not exceed the sum of, which carries the plaintiff offered in writing within six months of the event, causing the damage, or prior to the initiation of the process, if it occurred after that date.

Warsaw Convention – Wikipedia

These Protocols amended the increased liability limit found in the Guatemala Protocol, altered the monetary measurement from gold to Special Drawing Rights, and eliminated outdated documentary requirements with konwsncja to the transport of cargo. The consignor and the consignee can enforce all the rights, which give them the appropriate articles 12 i 13, everyone in thine own name, regardless of the, if it works in their warszawsia interest or in the interests of another person, with the condition wykonia obligations under the contract.


An inter-governmental agreement addressing the limits of liability and profoundly modernizing the entire Warsaw Convention as amended by The Hague Protocol was reached, at the Diplomatic Conference held at Guatemala City from 9 February to 8 March attended by 55 States, with the adoption of the Guatemala Protocol signed on 8 March Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Hypermobility Impact on environment. Views Read Edit View history. Amendments to the Act: In the carriage of persons — responsibility for carrying each passenger is limited to the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand francs. In all other cases, the expression High Contracting Party means a State, whose ratification of or accession to this Convention had implications, and whose effects can not comment yet had. This Convention drafted in French fest in one copy, which shall be deposited in the archives of Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Over the years, wadszawska amending protocols, supplementary instruments, rules, and regulations have been added which, collectively with the original Convention, are called the Warsaw System. The present Convention, signed in Warsaw 12 Octoberremain open for signature until 31 January The new Convention includes many other elements.

Since most of the participants were diplomats accredited to the French government and not professionals, it was agreed unanimously that a body of technical, legal experts be set up to study the draft convention prior to its submission to the diplomatic conference for approval.

Object — Definitions Article first.