Aug 24, Katerina Kolozova delivers the first accurate and comprehensive study of my interpretation of Marx in my book “Introduction to Non-Marxism,”. Aug 27, On the occasion of the publication by punctum of feminist philosopher Katerina Kolozova’s much awaited new book, Toward a Radical. Katerina Kolozova, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University/ Institute of Social Science and Humanities, Skopje, Gender Studies Department, Faculty Member. Studies.

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Katerina Kolozova

Could you also call the organic the human-in-human? She has contributed to many edited books among which “Speculations: English Choose a language for shopping. The uses and abuses of neoliberalism and technocracy in the post-totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe more.

Mar 25, Conference End Date: The chapter is an excerpt from a monograph published by Columbia University Press in This is a clean, unpolluted and non-polluting sacrifice — it brings in the light or reason, the logos and the polis. The human is materially determined by that ” irrational ” hybrid of the physical and machine resulting in no more and no less sense than the ” pure body ” if such thing is possible beyond mere postulation is endowed with. Marx attempted to create a science of human society — materialistically grounding it in political economy — through its own interpretative apparatus, philosophically minimal and determined by the ” real ” a term Marx uses regularly in reference to what his interpreters have traditionally termed as ” material “.

Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle – punctum books

Gilles Deleuze and Jean-Pierre Vernant. I think that now Towards a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism came organically or naturally out of the metalogical questions that I asked in the Cut of the Real. The automaton of capital and philosophy is individually substantiated as ” subjectivity, ” and more specifically that of the split capitalist self.


The real is not necessarily a physical exteriority. She then moves to contemporary events that are centered within this dispossession. Are you an author? I move towards this conclusion in the forthcoming Towards a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism. Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography.

Toward a Radical Metaphysics of Socialism: Marx and Laruelle

The real also includes matter in the non-philosophical sense. Analogous to this would be the Marxian term of the real abstraction.

In brief, if the transformation takes place kolozovva subject formation, it is inextricably implicated in the processes of Enactment-of-Order, in the processes of Disciplining in accordance with the Norm. The thesis of the book is that the instances of the “lived,” the “event” or the “Real” can be inherently inter-connected by virtue of the category of the “experience” which is an instance of the sheer lived, the bare being subjected to an occurrence which is always already an instance of trauma.

We have to invent a new political form for this post-capitalist society. Investment banking, in the last instance, is determined by the practice of conducting “expertise” and speculation about the immaterial value surplus or financial value behind – or derived from – material worth.

Such an instance is the concept of capital and the material and immaterial realities it creates. I am proposing a further formalization by way of using the category of the real. I am really not sure at the moment. To put it in metaphysical terms, the concept of the real I operate with in the book does not hold the status of substance ousia but rather that of modus tropos.

I think that we need more grounding in women; we need more feminism than gender studies at the moment, because we need to focus on the material conditions of society in terms of its material substance. In order to lay the foundations of a different economy, one that is not based on wage labor and the exploitation of human life and nature based on their auto-alienation, but rather on action in accordance with their resources, we need — according the author — to rethink the concept of the state in a non-philosophical and post-capitalist fashion, structurally different from the modern bourgeois state.


I believe in the radical constructedness of humanity that is linguistically, culturally, technologically construed but also equally organic. In order to arrive at a determination in the last instance of a non-exploitative, non-wage-labor-based social order where the determination is affected by the real, we must first arrive at the generic core of the notion of the modern state. Philosophical and Speculative Economies of the Vanishing Body more.

Even though it might sound strange, this is an alienation that is alienated from itself, an alienation that is not affirmed as alienation.

We are also witnessing the failure of the attempted response to Women’s Studies and Gender … Publication Date: The inhuman is that which escapes rational conceptualization, that which has no meaning or reason for existence: No society can flourish under those conditions. It would be naive to kateriba that we can think beyond language and in terms of the real as such.

How do you see democracy being preserved in the context of your new book? Thought correlates with the effect of the real.