Jim Grimsley is a successful playwright and novelist who has produced, in Kirith Kirin, a singular work of fantasy. The story revolves around Jessex, a boy of. At his side are the king, Kirith Kirin, and the other twice-named. The twice-named can be killed, but if they are not killed in battle, poisoned, etc., then they live. Kirith Kirin. Weesam 11/6/ Email. Jim Grimsley usual writes gay literature, and wins awards for it. This makes you wonder what made him decided to.

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Kirith Kirin tells us a tale about a young Farmboy who becomes the most powerful wizard in the world whose destiny is to restore Kirith Kirin place as King, after the r Jim Grimsley does not fast forward any event in this incredible high fantasy novel. Also, we know next to nothing about him.

But the prose soon became a snooze, with long descriptions of every place, the travelling of the main character, the tons of back stories. So kkrith there’s any one thing you might want to take away from this “review” of mine, it’s this – please purchase and read this book. Why send so many creatures to die?

Feb 21, Charles rated it it was amazing. This isn’t a good or bad point, just something I wanted to raise because I really enjoyed this book and it was good to be reminded of the breadth within my chosen lirith.

Also, apparently The Last Green Tree reveals that a lot of things about the Kirith Kirin world are dark and creepy and it’s like Thanks for telling us about the problem. I read a review that says this book takes itself too kiirith, or something like that.

And then it ended – I found myself thinking, “I read all of that and Feb 07, Abi Walton rated it it was amazing Shelves: The world building is complex and kiirn can be overwhelming at times.

For those who treasure strange lands filled with magic, lore, evil queens, dark mages, and larger than life heroes, Kirith Kirin has much to give. Oct 19, Katie rated it it was ok Shelves: I took breaks to absorb information, to mull over events kirjth dialogue and many other things, and it enriched my growing love for this book. But Jim Grimsley handled it with such gentleness, like, ‘This happened. It has a certain rhythm and cadence that made it incredibly easy for me to slip into the flow of what was going on, even through I read Kirith Kirin in fits and starts.


Preview — Kirith Kirin by Jim Grimsley. In a few years i will give it another try. There was another incident with an even kjrin grossly inappropriate suitor that felt like it existed for much the same reason, as a way to justify the relationship by portraying Kirith Kirin’s behavior as not as gross as it could have been. Thus begins Jessex’s new life as he enters Arthen and moves into the royal court of Kirith Kirin. The depiction of magic in this book is far different from that in a typical sword-and-sorcery story.

I’m glad, though, because I managed to stretch out my journey through Aeryn’s history for two weeks.

Novel Review – Kirith Kirin | WWEnd

This makes pretty much no sense because Kirith Kirin also has very little character development beyond being a caring ruler, many lifetimes old, and a bit lonely. Kirith Kirin has had hopes for you that may be changed, or may seem to be changed, by the fact that you are our pupil. Skip to the last one in the post if you’re not interested.

We spend the whole book listening to Jessex narrating his own story and despite that, I never truly got a sense of who he was as a person. Nina There definitely is! An effective fantasy romance. Riding upon two magnificent stallions, one a royal Prince out of Queen Mnemarra, Jessex and his uncle Sivisal reached Arthen despite a deadly storm that reeked of magic.

I’m content with the knowledge that they most likely spent many long years happy together. All in all, I loved the book. At times I found this book breathtaking, other times I found myself skim reading. Kirith Kirin is a book of substance. Music plays a huge role in this book: But it’s a start. But I liked the characters enough to skim through to the end!

Jessex is kind and gentle and fights the battles that he must through a complex command of magic involving sacred songs and the manipulation of time and space. Malleable grey clouds, sidewinding wind, and intelligent lightning bolts made the trip across the vast Girdle nearly impossible. No trivia or quizzes yet.


Fortunately for those whose curiosity burns, he does publish a glossary as one of the appendices. And that, ultimately, warms my heart. I don’t even feel love for Kirith Kirin, but when I was by his side, I feel less dead. This story is also blessed with remarkable descriptions of how the quantum-like magic system of this world works and how it could actually feel to be learning about and then to be wielding super-human powers of control over the body and forces of energy through a variety of methods including huge arcanely constructed towers that act as monumental channels for directing occult emanations.

Kirith Kirin Book Summary and Study Guide

And that is the development of Jessex and Kirith Kirin’s relationship. Grimsley does an amazing job with this book. Kriith Merlin Publishing, Inc. Had the world-building been better, the world itself could have been enjoyed a lot more.

After all, despite its brilliance, it’s dense and sometimes hard to follow, with an incredibly slow start – despite my eagerness to read the book, it was quite hard for me to get through that first chapter – and so many of its kirib infuriating historical context that all, eventually, flew over my head. That’s a little gross, maybe if I was still a teenager I might not realize how disturbing that is, but I’m an adult, and Jessex was still considered to be a child.

I honestly don’t like any immortality tropes, but relationships were one partner is immortal and the other is mortal are just a big no for me, they’re annoying, sad and I just don’t care to read them. It is more than words and some gestures with a wand. Though that apprehension turned into relief and joy again. Where was the ending?

Quotes from Kirith Kirin.