Love and Responsibility [Karol Wojtyla, Grzegorz Ignatik] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this classic work, readers are given a window. 18 quotes from Love and Responsibility: ‘A person’s rightful due is to be treated as an object of love, not as an object Karol Wojtyla, Amor e Responsabilidade. Msgr Karol Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility (Amour et responsabilit?, Paris ) was function in building up genuine human love comes to light. In spite of.

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Integrating Love: Love and Responsibility Series (Post #11)

What this means, so it seems to me, is that the relationship of man, male and female, as creature to God the Creator, is analogous to the relationship of female to male: The whole moral problem of ‘using’ as the antithesis of love is connected kqrol this knowledge of theirs” p. In addition, the sexual urge is responsibiljty fully wojtylq as an orientation towards these attributes of the other sex as such: Wojtyla here notes that since human interpersonal love, and particularly the love of man for woman and vice versa, is a love which exists between them, this suggests responxibility “love is not just something in the man and something in the woman–but is something common to them and unique” p.

The Person and Chastity; Four: Review and Rate this Item. Eponymous places In popular culture. This part of chapter 1 contains 7 subsections. I take it that this is what “mystical” or “spiritual” virginity is and that mystical virginity is possible–and indeed, essential, for married men and women.

Catholic Education Resource Centre.

A Summary of Karol Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility by William E. May

Browse All Religious Education. He then argues that in marrying and in engaging in the marital act the man and responslbility woman freely choose to responsibiloty consciously the possibility of parenthood, of becoming a mother and father. A the concept of ‘justice toward the Creator’; B mystical and physical virginity; C the problem of vocation; and D paternity and maternity.

While if love remains mere sentiment it will equally be unlike love in the complete sense of the word. Karol Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility: If it is a genuine good This leads to tenderness, and unfortunately can easily shift into the territory of sensuality, this time a sensuality disguised as anr p. Sexual relations are in accord with the personalistic norm only when they take place between persons who are already completely united in this kind of love i.

The sexual urge in man, who is a created being, is linked to the divine order “inasmuch as it is realized under the constant influence of God the Creator.


What is paradoxical is that “in giving ourselves we find clear proof that we possess ourselves” p. The former describes “any mode of being or behavior on the part of a particular person in which the values of sex as such are given such prominence that they obscure the essential value of the person,” rewponsibility the latter “consists in the rejection of that healthy tendency to be ashamed of reactions and feelings which make another person merely an object of use because of the sexual wojtypa belonging to him or her” pp.

Wojtyla takes as his starting point the fact that ” love is always a mutual relationship between persons ,” a relationship based on “particular attitudes toward the good, adopted by each of them individually and by both jointly” p.

This page was last edited on 7 January resopnsibility, at In the vision of the NT each of us is summoned to give himself fully in love to God and others; moreover, as this vision makes clear, we cannot do this relying only lobe our own interior resources.

The trouble with this is that “‘love’ in this utilitarian conception is a union of egoisms, which can hold together only on condition that they confront each other with nothing unpleasant, nothing to conflict with their mutual pleasure. Utilitarians at times respond to criticism of this kind by holding wojttyla the pleasure they seek to maximize is to be enjoyed subjectively by the greatest number.

But for the full virtue of chastity to exist ” the value of the person must be not merely understood by the cold light of reason [as the continent may well understand it] but felt, ” a fuller appreciation of the value of the person which we may achieve with the help of elements inherent in sentiment once they are integrated into love p.

If husband and wife have good reasons to avoid a pregnancy they must remain continent and abstain from the act that cause the pregnancy.

Love and Responsibility Quotes by John Paul II

Spiritual virginity, the self-giving of a human person wedded to God himself, expressly anticipates this eternal union with God and points the way towards it” p. He writes in the conviction that science–biology, psychology, sociology–can provide valuable information on particular aspects of relations between the sexes, but that a full iarol can be obtained only by study of the human person as a whole.

Modesty indeed is “a constant eagerness to avoid what is shameless” responsibiloty. It has to do with that most precious of goods, the person p.

But every such act within marriage must have its own internal justification.

Thus sensuality, although respohsibility evil in itself, poses a threat and a temptation. The principal point is that an attraction consists of responses to a number of distinct values. Wojtyla can then accurately describe “sinful love. Nevertheless, the need to give oneself to another person has profounder origins than the sexual instinct, and is connected above all with the spiritual nature of the human person. Vocation, in short, demands self-giving–and self-giving is central to both marriage and viriginity understood as the full gift of oneself to God, understood, in short, in a personalistic way.


And it is only when they do so that they put their sexual relationship within the framework of marriage in a truly personal level” p.

Love and Responsibility Quotes

But, Wojtyla continues in a very important passage: This norm is a loge on which the proper realization of each of the aims mentioned, and of all of them together, depends–and by proper I mean in a manner befitting man as a person. One is attracted to a value one finds in a person, a value to which one is particularly sensitive.

What is more, it is only respohsibility it directs itself [through free choice] to the person that love is love” p Wojtyla again affirms the absolute need for self-giving love for an authentic man-woman relationship, one uniting them in such wise that “their wills rdsponsibility united in that they desire a single good as their aim, their emotions in that they react together and in the same way to the same values.

In no other book does the Pope emerge more clearly as an independent thinker.

Before getting to the moral problem he briefly pp. Jusice Toward the Creator. The experience of shame, Wojtyla writes, “is a natural reflection of the essential nature of the human person” as incommunicable, inalienable.

This makes possible a correct attitude to the whole of the real world The Rehabilitation responsibiligy Chastity. Love, however, is “given its definitive shape by acts of will at the level of the person ” p. Since sex is so deeply rooted in the being of men and women–pertaining to their inmost being do we not karpl our sex organs our “private parts”?

Wojtyla notes that we do not speak of virginity in the case of married persons who give themselves wholly to God, “although,” he continues, “giving oneself to God as an act of betrothed love may be analogous to that which constitutes the essence of virginity” p.

He asserts that these two orders llve inseparable and insists that “the correct attitude toward procreation is a condition for the realization of love” ibid.