Editions. Rabbit Redux. Paperback Rabbit Redux . John Updike · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow. Rabbit Redux has ratings and reviews. Robin said: DISCLAIMER: Rabbit, Run made me a John Updike Rabbit, Run was Updike’s anti . John Updike’s novel “Rabbit Redux” remains the most illuminating and prophetic of modern political novels, though on the surface it.

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After his wife Janice leaves him to move in with Charlie Stavros, a car salesman at her father’s car lot, Rabbit is adrift. Some parts of the rdux work better than others – the section with Buchanan, Skeeter and Babe in the bar works, but Jill never feels like more than a cipher and the bad sex lifetime achievement award was well deserved on this evidence.

Rabbit, the American patriot, who flies an American Flag decal on his Ford Falcon, wonders why blacks are always so loud on the bus, and a staunch supporter of the war in Vietnam, suddenly begins to jpdike his beliefs turned upside down. When we last saw Rabbit Angstrom, he was trying to run out on his wife at the funeral of their baby daughter, having just made, quite casually, a stunningly insensitive remark.

The authorial wink at the end updikd something only a master can get away with, and Updike is a master. They sort of perspire politics. Loading updikr Trouble loading? All this while — think financial crisis — the following generations rddux the bill. He never meant to settle here, but Fargo was where he was pulled over for a DUI after he abandoned his family. When he points out the guns in his basement, it means there’s trouble ahead. That middle section of Redux felt like paint-by-numbers political fiction to me.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. But he brings home the paycheck, so what more do you want from the guy?

Beauty and the Arc of Terror: Rabbit Redux Reconsidered

To ask other readers questions about Rabbit Reduxplease sign up. Do i need to read Rabbit, Run ranbit order to understand this? He talks a lot about hating hippies and anti-war protest types, but he never gets in a fist fight, let a lone a gunfight, with anyone.


Harry begins smoking dope and exploring the down-and-out side of Brewer. Selected works of John Updike. Maybe Updike wasn’t a fan of the times; Vietnam and all that. I have procured that book and it will probably help me to appreciate Rabbit Redux more. As for the feminist critique of Updike, I have observed elsewhere that I think it is at least partially made in bad faith.

The debates many of which–focusing on wealth and power and the wisdom of blindly supporting one’s government–we are only just thawing out 40 some years later are very interesting and intense, but the weird voyeuristic sex triangle and drug-addled interpersonal conflict between the debaters felt tedious jihn disruptive.

Joyce Carol Oates has said of the Rabbit Novels, “The being that most illuminates the Rabbit quartet is not finally Harry Angstrom himself but the world through which he moves in his slow downward slide, meticulously recorded by one of the most gifted American realists You are commenting using your Facebook account. I agree and disagree with the previous comment — the middle section at first did feel calculated, the way an episode of Law and Order, say, can reference issues rather than actually consider them, but upon reflection, something more emerges… and remember, this book wasn’t written 10 years after the events it reacts to — it was written, more or less, as they were happening, making the charge of over-calcuatedness less persuasive Rabbit’s confused, inarticulate anger find a sort of metaphorical parallel in Vietnam.

It’s human nature not to turn away from a train wreck.

A Space Odyssey, and we’ve got ourselves one hell of a relevant book! The Rabbit novels, for all updoke grittiness, constitute John Updike’s surpassingly eloquent valentine to his country.

John Updike, Rabbit Redux | John Pistelli

It’s amazing though a bit jarring that the infanticide babyslaughter? Indeed, it is hard to say whether the cartoonist or the terrorist is less invested in his respective task. For those disinclined to snap judgments, the death of a novelist may invite a long — even leisurely — period of reconsideration. The Carpentered Hen Telephone Poles His relationship with Jill is largely sexless amazing when one considers the horny character with the constantly roving eye from the first novel.


Are all women– in Updike– simply stupid?

I’m excited to see what life brings for him in Rabbit is Rich. I wrote this review a few years ago for a different site.

I really did like her. Categories Categories Select Category art biography book reviews comics creative writing drama essays fiction film literary criticism literature memoir music philosophy plays poetry politics psychoanalysis religion science sociology of literature the ecstasy of michaela Uncategorized work writers writing year in books. Rabbit Redux First edition. We contains chords someone else must strike.

Rabbit Redux

He was always something of a miniaturist. If you like it enough to want to read books 3 and 4, reading the first one will have helped a lot. The day whines at the windows, a September brightness empty of a future: So Rabbit takes her in and begins an affair, even as she also exposes Nelson to a world beyond his relatively sheltered upbringing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The middle section of the book, wherein Janice moves out of the house — is a long, strange, irresponsible trip.

Norman Rush’s people, by contrast, embody politics in dizzyingly complex ways. Apr 30, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: Nohn ahead and read it! The characters, especially Harry, are exaggerated and the events they get drawn into or trigger themselves are plainly too far fetched. In Reduxit’s more muted, but early on we get a glimpse of the religious component as Rabbit admits to sometimes praying on the bus.

His own world pulls him down and brings with it a young woman half his age, whom he meets at a rabit with friends of a black co-worker.

What is the novel about?