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Apr 19, Blair rated it it was ok Shelves: Every glimpse of a Lisbon girl through a window and every piece of trash from their house is examined minutely as the boys try to unravel the shocking mystery of the Lisbon girls life and ultimately their deaths. Eugenides is the editor of the collection of short stories titled My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead.

Le vergini suicide

View all 52 comments. The boys – the boys in the story serving as narrators really kept making me think of Stand By Me or The Sandlot. I love the narrator. By the end I was so, so sick of their tedious obsession.

I discovered it was first published in only after I had chosen it to be my eleventh classic of the year. I think that’s because I realized Sofia Coppola had done a remarkable job adapting the text. The Lisbon girls are monoliths to the nameless suitors who do nothing else but speculate about them and become passionate voyeurs. The writing is also so amazing. In blue blazers, with khaki trousers and clip-on neckties, we walked along the sidewalk in front of the Lisbon house as we had so many times before, but this time we turned up the walk, and climbed the front steps between the pots of red geraniums, and rang the doorbell.

We don’t even know exactly who the narrators are–it is narrated in first person plural and the name and even number of narrators is left vague. Honestly, every couple of pages I would think to myself “When Jeffrey Eugenides thought to himself that he should write this from the outside view he had one of the best epiphanies ever.


I simply didn’t get this book. By using “us” and “we,” Eugenides drew me into the story and made me feel as if I was one of those neighborhood boys obsessing over the Lisbon girls. Needless to say, it pulled me headlong into the rest of the book.

Maybe intriguing is more like it. Sometimes, you just know when you have found a truly great novelist and Jeffrey Eugenides is one such novelist.

Fatherhood is trial and error and they say that one has to only follow his heart and everything will turn out right in the end. There are so many themes in the story–going through the layers is akin to peeling an onion.

Esa es la pregunta que el lector tiene a lo largo de la novela. We knew, finally, that the girls were really women in disguise, that they understood love and even death, and that our job was merely to create the noise that seemed to fascinate them.

Lux is observed by the narrator copulating with boys on her roof. One medical opinion holds the Lisbon girls are acting out grief over their dead sister by mimicking her tragic behavior.

Le vergini suicide – Jeffrey Eugenides – Google Books

I also reviewed this book over on Pretty Books. He blends just enough dark humor in to keep it tasteful and incorporates melancholy passages that completely numbed me. In the end, all I got from this book was the fact that the girls vergimi peculiar and hello!

He’s a storyteller who tells his tales, these deceptively simple stories that make you stop whatever you’re doing, curl your toes, bite your nails, giggle into your hands or shout. His novel, The Virgin Suicides, gained mainstream interest suuicide the film adaptation directed by Sofia Coppola.

But it’s actually about much more than the suicide, because you already know that it’s going to happen and how, but not why. The thing I liked the most about this book is the perspective.

Then the night arrived. Household objects lost meaning. It’s incredible sad, mystical in ways, also with an interesting narrative. It would have been too simple for a story to be all about that.

The proceeds of the collection go to the writing center Chicago, established to encourage young people’s writing. In the morning, a soft oral thrush had sprouted over their tonsils. And so I vergin.


Eugenides uses metaphor to describe the deaths of the sisters as the disintegration of a suburban neighborhood–the trees are being cut down because of the threat of Dutch Elm disease; there are dying flies everywhere that are described by the first sister to commit suicide as not even having time to eat before suicire lives are over.

And where have I been since ? Refresh and try again. Feb 07, Vanessa rated it really liked it. It is always foul, stinking, decaying, etc.

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

Eugenides records it all in dizzying prose that is amazingly detailed, often acidic and sometimes baffling. In a fictional world where anything can happen, nothing there makes any real difference, making it difficult for me to care about the book even while it was often thrilling me. La verdad es que me he pensado darle esta nota.

While her mother, an antisocial Protestant, and her father, an enthusiastic high school math teacher, offer no clues, the popular theory to Cecilia’s suicide attempt blames a teenager named Dominic Palazzolo, a Catholic who lovesick over an unrequited love and pissed off at the Holy Mother, leaps off a roof in an act of desperation. The neighborhood, the houses, the tree house, the school. Told from the viewpoint of five men now in their thirties.

Cecilia 13Lux 14Bonnie 15Mary 16 and Therese 17 are revealed from afar, either through windows or in corners at school, or from accounts those close to them reveal to the narrator over the years. Like all the repercussions this has on the family and the whole town. The writing is as beautiful as the sisters, the story travels quickly almost without pause and you get really caught in this captivating story told in this most compelling way.