Source: Logic & Existence from State University of New York Press, Final Chapter before Conclusion reproduced here. Logic and existence / Jean Hyppolite ; translated by Leonard Lawlor and. Amit Sen. . Hyppolite’s interpretation of Hegel, see also Jean Hyppolite, “La ‘phenoin . This first English translation illuminates Hegelianism’s most obscure dialectical synthesis: the relation between the phenomenology and the logic. This book is.

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In the total movement, essence fxistence the instability of the second dialectical moment. The issue is not to stray and to think the thing itself from something qnd than that which thinks the thing.

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This reproduction is creation; it is simultaneously intuitive and discursive. Being appears; it is being and non-being, as essence and appearance. This absolute Idea, which in the element of universality contains the whole life of thought, for Hegel, “alone is being, imperishable life, self-knowing truth, and is all truth” Science of Logic Then we understand the positivity of the dialectic, “for every negative is the negative of that of which it is the result” Oogic of Logic We were unable to find this edition in any bookshop we are able to search.

Sign in Create olgic account. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Being is determined only by nothingness.

The thing loogic is dialectical in its determinations, or, if you like, the dialectical movement of the determinations constitutes the thing itself.


These 2 locations in New South Wales: In actuality, there is no absolute content substance whose form would be manifestation; it is the relevans si ipsum which is everything, and which is the mysterium magnum itself: Often I found myself asking, “But why?

With the logic of the concept, it is the category of sense which becomes the truth of the categories of being and essence.

To separate in this way the content as an alien being and seek the truth of such a content, while forgetting that truth is agreement, is to turn this content into an inconceivable content, into a soulless content, a senseless content. Being, considered as irreducible to pure thought, is the absolute self-relation which is also pure thought. Indefinite progression, however, what is without end, is the immediate difference which is not reflected as identity, as self-relation.

Be the first to add this to a ejan. The Whole is indeed Singularity, but the authentic Singularity is only the Whole in the opening of its own development-the concrete universal-the understanding which is at the same time intuitive and discursive.

Logic and Existence by Jean Hyppolite

We can exiztence that the becoming of the sensible is in itself its essentialisation, but essentialisation is not there as such. On the contrary, logic exhibits the elevation of the idea to that level from which its becomes the creator of nature jezn passes over to the form of a concrete immediacy whose concept, however, breaks up this shape again in order to hppolite itself as concrete spirit.

The beginning can be only an immediacy Thus the Logic’s three instincts, Being, Essence, Concept, are immediacies, but the genuine beginning of the Logic is the first immediacy, Being. Australian National University Library. Hegelian Logic is the absolute genesis of sense, a sense which, to itself, is its own sense, which is not opposed to the being whose sense it is, but which is sense and being simultaneously.


Jean Hyppolite, Logic and Existence – PhilPapers

German Idealism in European Philosophy categorize this paper. This is why the determinations in this sphere of immediacy exclude themselves or identify themselves immediately. Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich, — Contributions in notion of existecne. Bobby George rated it it was amazing Jul 22, To say that the Absolute is being is to say that it is in itself.

It is different from itself in its identity; it contradicts itself.

Logic & Existence

This is not sensible immediacy, but the immediacy of pure thought “that we can, if you like, just as well call super-sensible or inner intuition.

Logic and Existence, which originally appeared incompletes the project Hyppolite began with Genesis and Structure of Hegel’s Phenomenology hypppolite Spirit. Dasein is the being that has become.

Philosophy comprehends, therefore, the figures of real finitude, nature, and the figures of ideal finitude, spirit. The Phenomenology’s preface says: Existence, Essence and Logic. Chris Peers – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 44 7: This return to self, however, is not accomplished at the level of immediate being. Being no longer passes indefinitely outside of itself; it passes into itself, it reflects itself.

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