Questionnaire Response. II. Direct Scoring of the JDI. III. Number of Positive and Negative Items in the JDI. Dimensions. IV. Expected Scores of the. Index questionnaire which are job, pay, promotion opportunity, supervision and .. (JDI) Questionnaire which has been used to evaluate job satisfaction. The JDI and related scales are frequently used by academic researchers and workplace professionals as a means of measuring employee attitudes such as job.

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Psychology Press Limited; The measurement of wellbeing and other aspects of mental health. J Egypt Health Assoc.

What is I-O?

Table 1 displays the factor structure of the emerging AJSQ. Gillespie —as well as past and present members of the group for their assistance and support. Table 1 Table 1a: Development of the physician satisfaction survey instrument. Minnesota Studies in Vocational Rehabilitation We strove to ensure that the individual items were psychometrically sound, that the JDI facets e.

The foregoing calls for the development of a new generation of JS instruments variably tailored to fit specified professional groups and sensitive to prevailing extra-job influences. The literature abounds in studies on JS.


Colleges and universities are becoming increasingly accountable for teaching outcomes in order to meet rigorous accreditation standards. Conjointly, they accommodated 45 out of the initially introduced 46 items. The outcome target was the psychometric properties of a proposed AJSQ.

The questionnaire was dispatched by internal college mail to each faculty member for anonymous self-administration. Development and testing of the Satisfaction in Nursing Scale.

This normative sample had a mean age of In addition to the overall national norms, select subgroup norms were constructed based on important demographic and industry variables, including organization level, education, management status, age, tenure, and organization type i.

The responders were Work-family conflict, job satisfaction and spousal support: The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist, 3590— Job satisfaction JS seems more queationnaire to measure in the academic field in view of the complexity of roles, duties and responsibilities. They are the explained variance of East Mediterr Health J.

The construction of a new type of attitude measure. Efforts were made to create scales that had the highest information across a range of levels of satisfaction, had acceptable internal consistency, included a balance of auestionnaire and negatively worded items, and exhibited a clean factor structure.


Special thanks go to all faculty members who readily completed and returned the questionnaires.

Despite the sizable literature on JS of academic staff, most studies have employed relatively generic all-purpose instruments. Most of our reported psychometric indices compare favorably with published studies.

Academic job satisfaction questionnaire: Construction and validation in Saudi Arabia

Our response rate of Some are single-item measures,[ 6 ] others have varying numbers of items. The overall explained variance of Reliability and validity of Job Content Questionnaire in Chinese petrochemical employees. Five measures were to be estimated: Lake, Purnima Gopalkrishnan, Michael T. Greduate education in pharmacy: The scales can be directly downloaded from the official JDI Web page: The AJSQ demonstrated good overall psychometric properties in terms of construct validity and internal consistency reliability in both the overall sample and its separately analyzed subgroups.