Jack The Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy, Vol 1) [Julian May] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rogi Remillard, a member of the powerful. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. May’s newest series, following from her two Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy Book 1) by [May, Julian]. Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy) [Julian May] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , Earth stood on the brink of.

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Marc is evidently the Lylmik who appeared to his past self, and turns out to be the incorporeal “Family Ghost” who appears to Rogi for several years, driving him to tue his memoirs as a unique document of the Metapsychic rebellion.

Marc, Paul’s firstborn with his wife Teresa Kendall — a grandchild of Don’s via Rogi’s former lover, Elaine, is the most powerful human metapsychic known at that time, who also has a genius-level intellect. Despite the fact that Jack possesses each of the five higher mindpowers also known as metafaculties at the highest known level Paramount Grand Masterhe is incapable of effecting change in his own physiology.

This book was kinda interesting. Leading humanity was the powerful Remillard family, but somebody–or something–known only as “Fury” wanted them out of the way.

Is it jak to ths bereft at Banks’ jak for denying me more bigger Culture stories? A little disappointed in this one. Don focuses upon Victor as Denis grows up, seeming to shape him into a vigorous athletic counterpart to Denis’s intellectual existence.

Also death penalty time for anyone who helps you out. Please provide an email address. Cyndia discovers Marc’s plans, is horrified, and decides to remove all available sources of the new Mental Man. As we recall from the Pliocene Exile books, pain is one way in which metapsychics achieve latency—it is apparently one way in which they can also increase their abilities.

Rogi is a milder mannered man, who becomes sterile through mumps. However, Marc detects this impulse, realises what the device has done, and kills Cyndia by reflex. The book follows the Remillard family of New Hampshire from the years immediately after World War II through an increasingly turbulent world, in which various jadk humans manoeuvre in secret to direct the destiny of the human race.


Adventurous souls travel back, and find a world unlike any they could imagine. What kept me reading was my memories of her earlier works, my own stubbornness and jac, need to find out more of the origins of Marc Remillard the charismatic human progtagonist from the Pliocene books.

This leads to Denis attending Dartmouth College due to a new program for “special students. I’m not sure how Julian May does it but what should be insanity ends up being intriguing and intelligent.

Rather, we are left with a situation of bodilese out how the events come to pass, not what those events actually are. Rogi becomes like a real father to him, while Don is always out getting drunk at night. Where the plot really starts to kick in and you start to feel some momentum taking place, is two fold. I didn’t care for how that was done. May 08, Penny rated it really liked it. These amplify a human’s inherent metapsychic ability by bodilesss of magnitude.

And so the first paragraph continues with ” Dec 15, Vic rated it liked it. But these two and Paul die as a result. From the Paperback edition. She acquires a sonic apparatus that will render Marc sterile, and triggers it by a telepathic command. It seems that it is a natural continuation of a cycle which begins with The Many-Colored Land and ends up with The Adversary.

It’s about pages of wasted words. However, it is a near-essential introduction to the Milieu trilogy as well as a balanced stand-alone work.


If you start this Trilogy, just plan now on reading much of May’s other works as well including the Pliocene books. Also unfortunately, the books are out of print, but can be easily found second hand. Subsequent research yields results in many places in the world and Denis organizes yearly meetings within the secret metapsychic community.


I especially disliked reading characters rehash historic and philosophical stuff. Earth ; the Concilium Orban artificial planet constructed by the Lylmik, and the seat of the galactic Council; Hiberniaan Irish-dominated human colony; Caledoniaa Scottish-dominated human colony; Denalia snow-covered planet popular as a holiday destination; and the cosmopolitan human colony planet of Okanagon.

And Unifex feels less distant in this book than he did in Intervention, which is also a good thing. Why isn’t this a movie yet? Couldn’t make myself do it. This deals with the history of several family lines with strong metapsychic potential, especially the Remillards.

Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy #1) by Julian May

Characters were too self absorbed for me to bldiless all the way through this. The other thread followed Jack, but due to the way the story was framed, the reader more or less knows how it will turn out. Rogi leaves for a job as a hotel manager, where Denis can visit during the holidays.

Be the first to discover new talent! This is the first book of The Galactic Milieu Trilogy. Enterprise with less bitchy Vulcans. The resultant geological catastrophe kills the entire population of bodilesss billion people.

Jack the Bodiless (novel)

A gate is opened to the past, specifically the Pliocene era. He reveals that the Mental Man babies which were created from Marc and Madeleine’s sperm and eggs have become hundreds of Hydra by Madeleine’s influence.

Taking place nearly 40 years after the events of Intervention, it again focuses on bociless Remillard family and is told, in part, as a memoir written by Rogatien Remillard. Other books in the series.

I think what surprised me is that none of those POVs are female, and that to me was one of the strengths of the Pliocene Saga.