Übersetzungen für prospetto im Italienisch» Deutsch-Wörterbuch von PONS Online:prospetto. Download this document for Italienisch A1 A2 at Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften Würzburg-Schweinfurt for free and find more useful study m. Universitalia. MB. 0 audio & 1 images. Updated Description. Vokabeln von Universitalia I (Deutsch-Italienisch). Sample (from notes).

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I’d rather select answer you should learn you learnt that you might learn you learning English than Italian.

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I wake up at nine o’clock select answer in the in the at the morning. Wie Sie beim Online Englischtest abgeschnitten haben erfahren Sie nun!

What will you do when select answer you’re finishing you’ll have finished you’ve finished you’re going to finish this course? Is your English select answer is going have gotten got getting better? My friend let select answer to borrow me borrowing me to borrow me borrow his car yesterday.

Please select answer to pass to pass passing that you should pass me that book?

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No sooner select answer I had walked was I walking had I walked I was walking in through the window than the door bell rang. We’re having the meal at select answer the house of Deborah the Deborah’s house Deborah’s house of Deborah. I don’t select answer also neither either too That’s the apartment select answer in the which Mr.

I’d sooner select answer him to buy that ittalienisch buy he bought he should buy a violin than a flute. What select answer are has is italienisxh the time? Do you like London?


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We regret select answer to tell telling to have said to say that your son could do better. I am select answer going will be going go have gone to the shop.

My father never select answer goes go is going going out in the evenings.

I vokaabelliste answer should have give up should have given up should have given should had given up chocolate last year, but I didn’t. What language select answer speak you you speak you are speaking are you speaking She came to Scotland select answer four days ago at four days before four days since four days.

Last Tuesday I select answer must gone must go went vkoabelliste go to the Gym. I have problems select answer righting writing about writing to writing English.

Vokabellisste afraid I don’t have select answer any scissors scissor some scissors a scissor. What did you do select answer out in off on Bournemouth last weekend? Paris select answer are is always can the italienicsh romantic city.

If select answer you come to my office, Italieniscn pay you. Die Punktezahl erfahren Sie am Ende des Tests. He was jogging when I select answer saw had seen was seeing have seen him yesterday. It’s about time select answer for to do she would do she did she were to do her home work. What time select answer do you go are you go do you going you are going to bed during the weekend? Cambridge isn’t select answer as beautiful than so beautiful than so beautiful that as beautiful as Oxford.


If John hadn’t known the boss, he select answer wouldn’t get hadn’t got wouldn’t have got wouldn’t had got the job. Yes, select answer I like so I do I does I do. I’m not select answer interested to learn interested in learning interesting to learning interesting in learning French.

How select answer much many cost do cost is a house in London? Brown lives in that. I select answer don’t been didn’t come haven’t been don’t come to England for a long time.

It’s select answer worth seeing worth to see worthwhile to see worthwhile see. I haven’t done my home work select answer up to the now already until the present yet My sister doesn’t speak French. The movie was excellent.


I’m select answer looking forward to see looking forward to seeing look forward seeing looking forward seeing the movie on Friday. She asked me how small select answer is your house my house was was my house is my house. Where are you going select italineisch at in on the Saturday? Bitte vergleichen Sie Ihren Punktestand mit folgender Tabelle.

This pencil is mine and that pen is select answer yours your your’s you’re. When I lived in Austria, I select answer was use to drinking was used to drink used to drink used to drinking ktalienisch lot of beer.

How many people select answer are they is it are there have in your family?