Irit Rogoff is a writer, teacher, curator and organiser. She is Professor of Visual Culture at Goldsmiths London University, a department she founded in This text is the first section of “What is a Theorist?”, see You can find Irit Rogoff’s extended deliberations on criticality in her recent text. Goldsmiths, University of London has launched a series of publications considering the discipline of visual cultures – one of those ushered in by Hall and .

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As part of the collective freethought, Rogoff was gogoff of the artistic directors of the Bergen Assembly, Bergen, Projects such as A. The Expanding Field Rogoff, Irit. But have no fear, I am not about to rehearse upon you the long march from Structuralism to Deleuze with detours through feminism, psychoanalysis and colonialism.

Critique, in all of its myriad complexities has allowed us to unveil, uncover irir critically re-examine the convincing logics and operations of such truth claims. Overview Becoming Research The Way We Work Now Practice driven research has become a paradigm shift in contemporary knowledge production as well as an opportunity to repoliticise work through how it is done rather than what its subject matter is.

In my own particular case the distance between these three was such, that fairly acceptable exercises in stretching and expanding a professional practice to make it accommodate one’s concerns seem in retrospect to have not been able to bridge the gaps. Now we think of all of these practices as linked in a complex process of knowledge production instead of the earlier separation into creativity and criticism, production and application.


Productive anticipation Rogoff, Irit and Schneider, Florian.

An Anecdoted Archive of Exhibition Lives. This article was first published in the April issue. Initially I came from a long, conventional and very anti intellectual training in art history which left me at its end at a complete loss on how to rogofd the interstices between who I was, what I did and the world that I inhabited.

Contemporary Art from the Middle East: The Visual Culture Reader. Her current work is on new practices of knowledge production and their impact on modes of research, under the title of The Way We Work Rovoff forthcoming.

Starting in the Middle: Her teaching has consistently brought together theoretical analysis and collective independent research projects and explored emergent new possibilities of practice based research as an intellectual project. I Promise its Political.

Professor Irit Rogoff

We show our respect and acknowledge the traditional owners of the land, the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. Previous Related Public program.

Vancouver, BC, and Aarau, Switzerland: Rogovf part of the freethought collective — continuing from several initial projects at the Steirerischer Herbst Festival and at Former West — a project investigating Infrastructure as affective economies and subjective membranes within world structures, will be one strand of the Bergen Assembly In the s a concern with race and cultural difference which resulted in trying to take on the authority of ‘geography’ as a body of knowledge with political implications and currently a concern with questions of democracy and of what modes, parliamentarian and performative, might idit open to us to take part in it, which I am currently thinking about as an exploration of participation and of irti does it mean to take part in visual culture beyond the roles it allots us as viewers or listeners.


Maria Hlavajova and Simon Sheikh, eds.

Irit Rogoff: From Criticism to Critique to Criticality |

It is instead the very idea of being in the command of time, the idea of progress that …. In my own particular case this was a journey from a discipline called art history, via great roads of critical, theoretical study to some other and less disciplined place which for the moment and very provisionally we might call Visual Culture.

Regional Imaginaries Rogoff, Irit. Rather than the accumulation of theoretical tools and materials, models of analysis, perspectives and positions, the work of theory igit to unravel the very ground on which it stands.

Generali Foundation rpgoff Walter Koenig, pp. Becoming Research Rogoff, Irit. Giving subjects such as television, music, street fashion and rogoff cinema serious academic consideration was part of the cultural studies project: You can find Irit Irt extended deliberations on criticality in her recent text: Seoul, Republic of Korea: Was ist ein Kunstler.

Geography’s Visual Culture YHamburg Kunstverein, MuHka Antwerp VanAbbe, Eindhoven brought together large groups of intellectuals, curators, architects and artists to pose questions about the forms that learning might take within public institutional culture.