16 dez. A yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius, anteriormente denominada na literatura científica de Polymnia sonchifolius) é uma planta da espécie. Supplementary Materials: Figure S1 provides evidence that yacon supplementation modifies lipid absorption at the intestinal level through an. (1)Instituto Superior de Investigaciones Biológicas, Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas, Universidad Nacional de.

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Re-establishment of the genus Smallanthus. HFD Y original magnification X. Additionally, decrease in fasting serum insulin and Homeostasis Model Assessment index was observed. The cellular and molecular bases of leptin and ghrelin resistance in obesity. Even more is investigated if the effects of yacon are modified by the type of diet consumed.

This is confirmed by [ 33 ] investigafiones, who state that the presence of pores in foods can be attributed to many factors, gacon of which is the existence of the intercellular spaces that are found in the parenchymatous tissue of fruits.

Increasing evidence indicates that the excessive fat depots, particularly visceral adiposity, are linked to a chronic low-grade inflammatory state [ 145 ]. The authors stressed the importance of internal variables, such as the number and diameter of pores, the mechanical properties of the solid matrix as well as the spatial distribution and characteristics of the cells, and also the type of fluid liquid or gas present in the intercellular space, which have to be taken into consideration in order to make precise adjustments to vacuum impregnation treatments.

In apple products enriched with calcium and iron, [ 31 ] obtained a volume fraction of 0. Ameliorating effect and potential mechanism of Rehmannia glutinosa oligosaccharides on the impaired glucose metabolism in chronic stress rats fed with high-fat diet. Improvement of biochemical parameters in type 1 diabetic rats after the roots aqueous extract of yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius.

Yacon syrup: beneficial effects on obesity and insulin resistance in humans.

Yacon effects in immune response and nutritional status of iron and zinc in preschool children. Moreover, in human studies, we demonstrate that cientifucas syrup lowers plasma lipid concentrations and decreases glycemia in patients with insulin resistance [ 30 ].

Bacterial fermentation of FOS in the cecum and cinetificas colon has been shown to produce short chain fatty acids such as acetate, propionate and butyrate. Resveratrol exerts anti-obesity effects via mechanisms involving down-regulation of adipogenic and inflammatory processes in mice.


The excess of nutrients induces the accumulation of macrophages, through the monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 MCP-1and is implicated in the development and maintenance of obesity-induced adipose tissue inflammation [ 57 ]. The results we obtained made it possible to quantify the amount of Aloe incorporated: Smallanthus sonchifolius yacon leaves: Effect of investigacionees Smallanthus sonchifolius on colonic transit time in healthy volunteers.

Gcg a and polypeptide YY: Yacon roots had a significant effect on the reduction of visceral adipose tissue mass and adipocyte size. Adiponectin is the most abundantly adipokine expressed in adipose tissue with pleiotropic insulin-sensitizing effects.

It is interesting to note that the beneficial effects in lipids cientficas are more evident when yacon supplementation is accompanied by a standard diet. For instance, rodents chronically exposed to a high-fat diet develop dyslipidemia, white adipose tissue expansion, insulin resistance, and altered metabolic regulatory hormones [ 3233 ] constituting a sobrs tool to evaluate the potential mechanisms underlying the effects of yacon on obesity.

The combination of diet gacon physical activity is only effective during time in which it is practiced and the available drugs are only moderately effective and have significant adverse effects [ 1011 ]. Perfil sensorial de bolos de chocolate formulados com farinha de yacon Smallanthus sonchifolius.

Yacon is a tuber from northern and central Andean region of South America. It is well recognized that FOS could also be a fermentable substrate for the colon microbiota, being low polymerization FOS DP the most used by Bifidobacterium spp.

What stands out is the high carbohydrate content of yacon. In order to analyze better the nature of the changes to the product during the different operations it undergoes, the behavior of the yacon samples during VI with the Investgiaciones vera solution was studied.

The dried material was then pulverized to obtain yacon roots flour. Investigqciones, another adipokine, regulates weight balance, glucose, and lipids metabolism [ 52 ].

Yacon consumption is related to the promotion of human health benefits, such as hypoglycemic effects [ 3 ], [ 4 ]antioxidant activity [ 5 ] ; potential chemoprevention against colon carcinogenesis [ 6 ].

Yacon syrup: beneficial effects on obesity and insulin resistance in humans.

The triglyceride lowering effect could explain at least in part the inhibition of de novo fatty acid synthesis and downregulation of lipogenic enzymes as has been suggested for oligofructose [ 59 ].

The polysaccharides of Aloe sore have been proven to contribute to pharmacological activity in stimulating cell proliferation and to biological activities such as anti-inflammatory, antiviral, inmunomodulatory, anti-ulcerative, disinfectant, healing and antioxidant activities [ 40 ]. Introduction Overweight and obesity have become a global health problem owing to their strong association with a high incidence of various chronic diseases, such as type-2 diabetes, hypertension, coronary heart disease, and other noncommunicable diseases [ 1 ].


In addition, it is well known that soluble dietary fibers delay fat absorption as we observed during the fat load test, contributing to the hypolipidemic effects of yacon. Annual Review of Biochemistry. Studies in the Heliantheae Asteraceae.

Transcriptional control of adipocyte formation. Acemannan, a partially acetylated polysaccharide found in the Aloe vera gel, is responsible for its biological activities [ 10 ], [ 11 ], [ 8 ]. In a second design, after 12 weeks rats which fed standard diet continued with the same chow, while animals under HFD were changed to a standard diet with or without yacon, according to the following scheme Figure 1.

The effect that high vacuum pressures have on parenchymatous cell deformation, together with the difference in size between the molecules of the solute and of water, makes diffusion of the solute through the cell membrane difficult [ 26 ]. Both animal groups were maintained on each diet for 12 weeks. Response Surface Methodology RSM allowed the optimization of mass fraction and volume fraction at a pressure of Given that r is defined as the relation between atmospheric pressure and working pressure, the x axis provides information about the index of pressure-gradient intensity [ 29 ].

The pores are not homogeneous in size. Subchronic 4-month oral toxicity study of dried Smallanthus sonchifolius yacon roots as a diet supplement in rats. In yacon, the luminance is seen to rise as the pressure increases; that is to say, pressure tends to increase transparency. Effects of inulin-type fructans on lipid metabolism in man and in animal models. In contrast, the serum triglycerides curve of HFD Y rats did not increase considerably from the baseline, being similar to that from SD rats.

Reductions in cholesterol have only been found with long-term feeding yacno oligofructose in relatively high doses [ 60 ]. As regards the effect of applying high vacuum pressures for prolonged processing times, a direct effect was observed, namely, there was an increase in volume fraction X and mass fraction X mhd as this factor pressure increased.