Introducere în management. A Burciu, G Prelipcean, I Bostan, V Hapenciuc, C Chaşovschi, C Roman, Editura Economică, Bucureşti, 65, Professor Ph.D. Aurel BURCIU management strategies and rapid adaptation of organizational structures can Harrington, J.S. , ; Burciu A, ): a. .. Burciu, A. (), Introducere în management, Editura Economică, Bucureşti. Introducere in management fotografia produsului -4%. Aurel Burciu, Gabriela Prelipcean, Ionel Bostan · Introducere in management. RRP: ,62 leu. ,99 .

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USVAEPA_VOL.14,ISSUE_1(19) – Facultatea de Stiinte Economice

The global economic climate and its instability require firms to study well before adopting outsourcing partners in order to avoid possible outsourcing risks. It is interpreted as a complex commercial system, the characteristic features of which are openness, self-organization, order, which creates added value as a result of the sale of goods by means of the staff members and effective management of commercial enterprise and is in a constant state of dynamic development Rykshyn N.

Which influence on innovation novelty? But how can that be wealth of which a man may have a great abundance and yet perish with hunger, like Midas in the fable, whose insatiable prayer turned everything that was set before him into gold?

As result, it is necessary to explain and contribute on making easy the economic growth, which is traditionally measured by the augmentation of goods and services of a country meaning the GDP.

Burciu, Aurel [WorldCat Identities]

Nowadays, every institution on the market must pay attention to these elements so that it attracts the main competitive advantage aimed at: That is, to our mind, the reason of topicality of investigation of their functioning. Target Group researchers in the fields of political and financial law.

Strategic Management Journal, 32 8: On the background of the general downward dynamics Fig. Making note of the fact that in the years ofalong with the growth of the number of the competitiveness indicators and of the countries taken into comparison, the position of the Republic of Moldova, according to the global competitiveness indicator, has somehow ameliorated, according to the presented study, we propose the following measures that should guide the attention of policy makers and other stakeholders: It is proved that the development of such a strategy should be carried out taking into account the socioeconomic situation of the region in which commercial enterprise is located.


My profile My library Metrics Alerts. One should emphasize in this context the idea according to which the rich societies dispose of the necessary means in order to avert and even remove the secondary effects of the economic growth, as well as various diseases, that make shorter our lives or less happy. The risk of technology leakage to rivals and a loss of control over the innovative process is an ever growing concern.

Seasonality is that state of temporal evolution defined by a peak period of the activity in a certain sector of economic activity. New articles related to this author’s research. As a result the formula shows: Financial constraints being a tough burden to bare in the current economic environment, open innovation helps building up the capital positions of firms and making cash infusion easier.

The seasonal concentration in tourism is a constant phenomenon in the circulation of tourists, triggered by the character and the nature of the discontinuous flows in the tourist demand. Having described some positive and negative sides of agricultural holdings activity we consider it expedient to systemize them in a table. Introducete five decades, GATT acted as driver of multilateralism in the international arena; although, de jure did not have the status of international organization, de facto, despite its limited authority, GATT recorded notable successes in asserting a framework for multilateral trade negotiations and in promoting non-discrimination between countries.

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And further on, as the scientists predict, up to about holdings will have been formed [3, p. Subsequently, firms feel a profound cost pressure, resources constraints and people adversity to change, which impedes them to involve in big collaboration infroducere.

However, there is a scarcity of research regarding the costs and barriers of open innovation. New articles by this author. Depending on the geographical position of the recipient tourism destination in relation to domestic and international tourism circuits, on the climate and landscape and especially depending on the attractiveness or variety of the services supplied etc. Collins proposes the key to successful innovation lies as much in managenent ability to collaborate as it does the ability to perform applied science and engineering.


In turn, tourism acts as stimulus for progress and development, through its human and material potential it engages in its activities, as well as through the positive effects it exerts in the adjacent sectors.

We should underline the fact that, while the primary supply is greatly due to the weather conditions and therefore has a different intensity, depending on seasonality, the secondary tourism supply exists and actually functions throughout the calendar year, having however a different noticeable intensity during a specific season.

More inert transformation of the rural consumer market also restrained by a number of objective reasons: Foreign-economic function is particularly relevant at current stage in the conditions of recession of domestic production; it involves participation in the international exchange of goods, joint production with foreign partners, joint projects. Stage dominated by innovation Innovation and sophistication factors: All the above mentioned problems stop the Republic of Moldova from stepping up and using its competitive advantages, such as relatively low level of: As previously stated, open innovation can do at least two things that closed innovation cannot: The interdependence between the higher education institution and the library it fosters is manifested through a permanent effort to appropriate the library to the needs of accessing information and documents, needs generated by the teaching, learning and research process, on the one hand, and the help the university offers in order to improve the quality of their own library collections and services, on the other hand.

Also, some specialists [10] consider as one of the reasons of agricultural holdings appearance the absence of legal land market and appropriate state regulation.