Intersleek Product Type: Foul Release Coatings Intersleek SR. Product Type: Foul Release Coatings Intersleek Product Type: Foul Release. Intersleek® is a fluoropolymer foul release coating designed for all vessel types. Intersleek® is suitable for use at Maintenance & Repair or Newbuilding . PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. As the finishing coat in the Intersleek foul release system. For use at Newbuilding or Maintenance & Repair.

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Foul Release Coatings

Commercial operators looking for fuel efficient and rugged solutions to meet…. Related News 26 Dec Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Maritime Reporter E-News is the subsea industry’s largest circulation and most authoritative ENews Service, delivered to your Email three times per week. Please upgrade to a different browser below. Having a traditional copper based paint will prevent this. COX will be running demos for the public from January View Additional Associated Part Numbers.

The components are sold separately, and each is required. Aimed to deliver higher performance standards with improved fuel efficiency intdrsleek reduced emissions, Intersleek is interslfek unique patented fluoropolymer foul release coating which represents the very latest advances in fouling control technologysignificantly improving upon the performance of the silcone-based system Intersleek Iran said on Monday it was ready to respond to any hostile U.

I would be intersleke concerned about the substrate post removale and getting anything to stick to it!

Sorry we’re out of stock. International Paint introduced the foul release technology, Intersleek Intersleek is a dramatic departure from traditional antifouling technology.

Slime shall be released | AkzoNobel

Be sure to purchase all three components if you want to be able to use this product. Enter Valid Qty Min. Send a copy to my email.


View All Infersleek in a Table. So what if it was feasible…. Is there anything out there that intereleek compatible with the Intersleek that can be sprayed or rolled on over the existing coating without having to interlseek it all off? You can save space by using Roxtec seals instead of cable glands. But ship owners and operators were looking for something more — a coating that would reduce or eliminate biofilms — generally referred to as slime — that form on the hulls of ships, increasing drag and therefore increasing fuel consumption and interskeek gas emissions.

The end of provides an excellent opportunity to highlight some of the measures that have been taken by the maritime…. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further inyersleek. The absence of biocides brings cost advantages at the next drydocking on treatment and disposal costs of wash water and blasting abrasive.

Then inwith IntersleekAkzoNobel introduced its first fluoropolymer coating. The extremely slippery “low surface energy” surface of the finish coat makes it exceptionally difficult for fouling organisms to form an attachment to the hull, and if they are successful, the attachment is very weak — inteersleek them very easy to remove.

And so now there is Intersleek SRdesigned to meet that challenge head on. For the very first time all vessels above 10 knots, including scheduled ships, tankers, bulkers, general cargo ships and feeder containers can now benefit from foul release technology.

The rating company Moody’s Japan K. Hence, Intersleek is a “foul release” bottom coating system. A dedicated team of experts from many different fields, including manufacturing, sales, business and commercial, was put together to develop the product.


Any input is appreciated. Posted March 14, You are using an unsupported browser.

The Intersleek System is not like traditional antifouling bottom coatings in that it does not contain any biocides. As others have said, nothing doing.

Intersleek SR First there was Intersleek inand Intersleek in — breakthrough silicone foul release coatings that reduced maintenance costs for ship owners, and cut fuel consumption as well.

Commercial operators looking for fuel efficient and rugged solutions to meet… Download the Roxtec cabinet seal catalogue Find the solution you need to manage high cable density issues. I am currently racing on a boat with a Intersleek bottom and the owner wants to go back to a traditional style bottom paint. It has an exceptionally smooth surface combined with excellent foul release capabilities and good resistance to mechanical damage.

The hull showed a significant amount of hard shell fouling zebra mussels when hauled last fall and the owner doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of diving the boat every few weeks to clean the growth off.

Can I install a BWT unit myself? It is this finish coating that is the key to the whole system.

The Intersleek system consists of an epoxy primer; a unique tie coat and finally a slick fluoropolymer finish. Another factor is that any damage done to the Intersleek has to be professionally repaired unlike a bottom with Vivid or VC that any halfway competent person can take care of.

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