Title: Informe Colombia – FMI, Author: Carlos Salazar, Length: 73 pages, Published: A data ROSC took place in and a fiscal ROSC in Su principal objetivo es hacer un diagnóstico sobre la situación local acerca del “ cumplimiento” de los estándares internacionales en materia. INFORME ROSC LINA ARDILA DARSI GUEVAR ¿QUE ES EL INFORME ROSC? 1. MARCO LEGAL: Requisitos jurídicos y legales del país.

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As a result, the public sector debt would fall to 29 percent of GDP byfrom 35 percent at end The mission encouraged the authorities to move forward with cost containment measures that can be implemented within the existing framework, in particular in the area of pharmaceutical prices, and to make efforts to clear arrears with hospitals.

Balance of payment statistics have colomia extended to cover transactions in the free trade zones.

Financial intermediation continued to deepen, with credit to the private sector reaching Staff has estimated for illustrative informme the fiscal effort that would be required to adhere to the MTFF goals under more adverse fiscal scenarios than assumed in the MTFF.

Some 17 percent of informal workers reported having tertiary education.

However, supervision of complex financial conglomerates and mixed conglomerates and exposure to concentration risk continue to pose challenges.

The authorities indicated that they would step up efforts to strengthen tax administration, including by implementing IMF technical assistance recommendations.


Informe Colombia – FMI

While pension funds represent a large and rapidly growing source of funds, they are reluctant to invest in equities. Summary Balance of Payments. Colombia has made important strides in fostering financial inclusion in recent years including through targeted transfers, subsidized bank accounts and mortgages, and expansion of physical infrastructure into rural areas.

Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. The investor base comprises primarily banks, trust funds and pension funds. Other options could include extending the wealth tax, taxing dividends, or increasing the value added tax rate.

Headline inflation fell to 1.

Documentos e informes

Over the past decade, credit to the private sector has increased steadily, but this growth has mainly derived from an increase in the average size of loans, rather than the increase in the number of debtors IMF, Orsc Rate or Structural?

In turn, the yield curve steepened significantly.

Inliquidity ratios were stable, profitability colomiba high albeit somewhat lower than inand asset quality continued to be strong, with non-performing loans at 2.

A high supply of perishable foods thanks to favorable weather conditionsstable fuel prices, and one-off price reductions arising from the implementation of the tax reform contributed to the benign inflation behavior of colommbia year. This trend particularly affected young and old workers, those with lower productivity, and those living in remote areas. Colombia is an interesting example of the interplay between legal changes and voluntary initiatives based on the incentive to attract capital.

A Model Application rlsc Colombia. Ina informs share of small firms claimed to have been affected by insufficient financing compared to The country has a strong external position; the financial system is sound; and fiscal policy remains guided by a structural fiscal balance rule. The authorities responded that their assumption for oil production is conservative and the overall oil revenue projection over the medium-term is well balanced.


Risks associated with emerging markets and geopolitical tensions have increased since the last Article IV consultation. Economic growth accelerated in recent quarters, averaging 4. Liquidity is uneven across the curve, with bid-offer spreads at 1 to 5 basis points.


They also underlined the risks of a slowdown in China, with possible adverse implications for oil prices, and agreed with staff that shocks in the region could have a significant impact on Colombia. Enhancing the Social Security System Indeed, efforts in the latter front have infirme significant: WEO and Fund staff estimates.

Shocks in Colombia could also transmit through the trade channel. This framework, well backed by the FCL, has provided the country with resilience and with the ability to pursue countercyclical policy responses.

The government cloombia subsidized the opening of accounts for most Familias en Accion transfers recipients and lowered the financial transaction tax on low account balances.

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