Juni Einzelunternehmen, so ist deren Umsatz zusammenzurechnen. Für alle anderen Einzelunternehmen ist der Eintrag freiwillig (HRegV 36). HRegV. Commercial register regulation of 17 October Hrsg. Administrative practice of tax authorities (Verwaltungspraxis der Bundesbehörden). VStG. (). companies limited by shares is available at .ch/ch/d/sr/chtml (art. 78 HRegV [Commercial Register Ordinance]).

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Show all entries Hide all entries Cost of incorporation, including first year servicing Cost of nominee director services per year, including an apostilled set of documents Cost of nominee shareholder services per year, including an apostilled set of documents Cost of annual service, starting from the second year Open account in Incorporation timescale for a turnkey company weeks Country The political and economic integration of Europe over the past half century, as well as Switzerland’s role in many UN and international organizations, has strengthened Switzerland’s ties with its neighbors.

The time required can be less in simple cases and depending on the location canton. It is not necessary that Ad,in persons hold a certain percentage of the equity.

If a trust is qualified as a revocable hregg, then the settling of the trust does not cause any change from a fiscal perspective. In Switzerland withholding tax is mainly levied on dividends. The minimum number of shareholders of a Swiss Limited Liability Company is 1 and the maximum is unlimited. Legislative power is formed by the bicameral Federal Assembly which consists of Council of States 46 seats – members serve four-year terms and the National Council members are elected by popular vote on a basis hrevv proportional representation to serve four-year terms.


The principal forms of business organization in Switzerland are: Corporate income tax is levied on all companies with their legal seat registered office or place of effective management in Switzerland. Services and documents In brief In detail Legal system.

Switzerland | Offshore zones | Offshore and International Law | GSL

Minimum number of directors Residency requirements for directors Corporate directors permitted Disclosure to local agent Disclosure to public 1. The Foundation Charter must indicate the organs of the foundation and the nature of its administration.

The settlor remains taxable and distributions to beneficiaries are treated as gifts from the settlor. Show all entries Hide all entries Legal Partner of Review: Finally, family foundations are exempted from the obligation to mandate an auditor.

If you see that something goes wrong, please tell hregb about that: Another option is to create an Association with the same purpose as a foundation.

Legal system The legal system of Switzerland is based on civil law system. Switzerland participates in various international tax mechanisms, including: Therefore, a trust can only be established according to foreign law, whereby the settlor may choose the governing law. The tax return must hrebv filed in principle within six months from the closing date. Head of State is the Federal Council which is also the head of government.

Since income and capital taxes are deductible hrsgv determining taxable income, adminn effective tax rate is 7. Every business must have an address in Switzerland at which the registered offices can be contacted.

Hregv admin pdf

This simplified taxation method must be maintained for at least one year, and VAT returns need to be filed twice a year only in contrast to the normal quarterly calculations. In succeeding years, other localities joined the original three. As a rule it includes the following information: Only distributions received by a Swiss resident beneficiary will be taxed as income.


Under Circular No 30 the creation of a fixed interest trust is treated as a donation from the hreggv to the beneficiaries. Foreign-source income is included in taxable income, but relief is granted for dividend income from qualifying participations. They have a mere expectation of benefitting from the trust. The trustee cannot be taxed as he is not the beneficial owner of the trust assets.

For the most part, the foundation is free to determine its own organization.

It must be deposited in a Swiss bank blocked account for company foundation. In SATC published a so-called “White Paper” with various proposals on the regulation of trustees in Switzerland, namely the requirement to obtain a license to carry out trustee activities in Switzerland. If the trustee or the beneficiaries qualify as a person abroad, in principle the transfer is subject to authorization.

This address must contain the following: The audit may also be dispensed with entirely, subject to the approval of the shareholders, if the company has no more than an average of ten full-time positions over the year. However, the country did not officially become a UN member until The effective federal income tax rate on non- dividend income is 7.

Swiss companies are not obliged to prepare and file Annual Return. Minimum number of shareholders Residency requirements for shareholders Corporate shareholder permitted Disclosure to local agent Disclosure to public 1.