HP 8920A PDF

Optional full-span spectrum analyzer, tracking generator and adjacent channel power meter. • Built-in IBASIC computer. Agilent A. RF Communications. 36 results Here you will find a large selection of new and used Keysight Technologies ( Agilent HP) A listed at special prices. Although some items match. Differences between the HP A, B, C, EA, EA. Amtronix Instruments, Inc. All the units listed below will make excellent Service.

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All the units listed below will make excellent Service Monitors used for 2 way radio. All 5 units use many of the same modules and have many of the same screens. They are all different in some ways as listed below.

Technical Support

No — but will do full duplex on RX Test Screen. No — Tx test screen works for RF Analyzer.


Needs opt or opt includes opt Not included- Analog included in later firmware. Tone and DTMF only. Requires A opt Smart Card and return 8920z bridge. Requires E opt Smart Card and return loss bridge. RF Tools Program included with firmware — requires return loss bridge.

G Agilent HP A mhz RF Communication Test Set | eBay

Volume and Squelch controls. No — Has volume but squelch is set in software. HP re-engineered the input assy in these units by using electronic switching to make them more dependable. Our test show the electronic input module is actually accurate from MHz in signal generate mode. Below 11 MHz, the RF output level is less than the display indicates.

In receive mode, the electronic input module units works well down to 2 MHz. Below 2 MHz, the spectrum analyzer is still functional but will read db low. Some HP A units have option which is the electronic input assy. We suggest that if you need to input more power, buy a db, 50 or W attenuator with N connectors.


This can be saved to memory and automatically loaded at power up. Back to Test Equipment.