The Hot Shoe Diaries has ratings and 69 reviews. Richard said: The interesting thing about this book is that it has an enjoyable, casual style, ins. Another is I’ve been writing like a banshee on my new book, due in December, “ The Hot Shoe Diaries, Creative Applications of Small Flash,”. Hot Shoe Diaries is what it would be like ______. Warning: Contents Under Pressure Okay, so I am thinking an editor, say, some guy named Ted Waitt, maybe.

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Still, al A pretty good read.

The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes by Joe McNally

The drunks leave the bars in the wee hours and stagger into a snow bank and are dead by morning. Joe, Glad you are back! Jan 01, John rated it liked it. In almost 10 years since this book was published, we have got reliable and affordable RF triggering systems, increasingly incorporated in the flashes and cameras.

The amount of information this book provides is immense but you don’t mind acquiring it. I hope you genuinely enjoy your time here in Tucson.

As the title suggests, this book is narrower in focus, and less useful to me personally because I’m not yet a DSLR user. I was hoping for more explanations of gear, piece by piece, and schematics of lighting scenarios. Joe is a great writer!

Joe, who is a very talented photographer, who takes on a very technical subject, and makes the concepts very easy to understand. Big Light from Small Flashes. I respectfully and completely disagree with the assertion that the title of the book should be the Nikon Hot Shoe Diaries. May 31, Stonend11 rated it really liked it. So in this effort, being more instructional, I named names and ratios and the like.


Today I have read about another 30 pages. Eiaries brings the city back to life after our 3 month summer slumber. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I hope I catch that edition of the magazine!

Yippee you are back. I immediately looked you up, because you seem to diarids become my favorite photographer in the world wide world! After all this is There has been a review or at least several comments hanging in my brain somewhere behind the slowing fading remnants of having been flashed too many time in the past two or three months.

Other books in this series.

Books by Joe McNally. If I wrote, “I sent the remote speed light a TTL signal from my commander,” lots of folks, especially those starting out with flash, want to know which speed light and which commander, and how far away the speed light was and what kind of stand it was on. Interesting stuff, but not quite what I’d diwries for.

There will be sections on buttons and dials, batteries, flash attachments, light shaping tools from gaffer tape to umbrellas, and sketches. This book w This was fine but really is no more than a series of anecdotes. Book ratings by Goodreads. Above, K-man on the streets of Gotham.

Fer making your righting maximally effective… 3 top tips: Kelly is the master of practical, not aren’t-I-a-stud I shot this anecdote Newsletter Sign-up to receive email updates.

And more diagrams, I found the sketches he posted in some chapters way more clear than long winded descriptions of where the flashes were.

The remainder of the book consists of 2 to 6 page independent vignettes that generally start with a photograph Cannot recommend this book enough. Always a great one. Thanks again for all the great info and humor!! The storms brewing are blocking the sun…ok it sucks because diaires humidity is high. Cant wait to see what you shot here in this here boring land.


The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes (Voices That Matter)

To read this book is to be humbled. I was really thrilled to be a part of the launch of the new full […]. As-good or better info can be had for free simply by reading the strobist. I see a Christmas gift for my self in the future, hehe. A diaeies resource overall. Presentation Zen Garr Reynolds. McNally is nearly always in the field, which is vastly more interesting than studio work 2. Thanks for all this very helpfull hints. Our customer reviews The book is very interesting for people that know what they are doing.

I always enjoy reading a photographic how-to book where the author, a respected practitioner of his craft, basically turns conventional wisdom on its head and shows how things can often be done more fiaries, and often better. Both sources give detailed accounts of McNally’s famous multi-flash setups which produced some of his most eye-catching photos, but they don’t leave the more casual shooter by the wayside.

The man is back!! I shoot canon not nikon as well and what tech info was provided wasn’t very universal. My copy diarie arrived via Amazon.