Odwira takes place on the Monday after the Homowo festival. It’s a chiefly procession that takes place in Ga Mashie. Chiefs walk or are carried in floats around. Homowo Festival: This is a special food festival celebrated by the GA’s, the people of Greater Accra Region. It is characterised by rituals such as the sprinkling of. Homowo Festival On Saturday I attended the Homowo Festival in Accra James Town which is celebrated in the Ga states by the Ga people of.

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I remember as a teenager helping my mum and aunts in the kitchen preparing the food. Homowo which is celebrated every year between the months of August and September to observe that day when hunger was defeated, hooted at, and ridiculed.

We also entered one of the royal houses — Sempe Mantse Wewhere the elders all sat in the courtyard. Even though it is a Ga tradition, many other ethnic groups are fesitval to also join in the celebration.

Following the planting season, there is a total ban on noise throughout the Ga-state and finishing is limited to certain days in June.

Roots to Gory Tours Skip to content roots rootstoglory. The Reed Dance Festival in South Africa and Swaziland, amongst others that have become a source of tourism for various countries.

We entered some of the clan houses were big pots of food and people, continuous cooking so that everyone is fed. Views Read Edit View history. The Mantse of the traditional area, clan heads, family heads and head of families pour libation to Maawu, Sisadzi, DzemaWodzi, and Wodzi and sprinkle white kpokpoi mixed with palm soup to the DzemaWodzi, Wodzi and Sisadzi to thank them and invoke their blessings over the feasting period. I would love to be a vendor for this event.


See What Everyone is Watching. During the festival, they perform a dance called Kpanlogo. This Ghana -related article is a stub. During the celebration a special meal made of unfermented corn powder called kpokpoi and palmnut soup of fish.

Friday is then devoted to remember those who passed on in the course of the year.

Homowo Festival – Ghana – Awuni Walking Tours

The Kpashimo of Teshi begins on Sunday with sesefaa the carrying of a dish sacred leaves and ends on Saturday with Sesebumo the overturning of the dish and its contents to purify the people, make their wishes come true, and bless them. Festivao 24, at In the absence of festivak, there was a poor harvest. Gunshots are often heard through the night as warning signals. Homowo remains one of the most important festivals in Ghana and Africa as among its oldest ancestral celebration.

The day prior to the Homowo Festival is the Twin Festival which also festiva, prior ritual preparations before singing and dancing take place during the main celebration where you see Twins parading the streets.

From May 14th to June 14th, the city of Accra, Ghana is quiet. The most renouned celebration after the kpokpoi feast is the Kpashimo of Teshi which draws the attention of foreigners.

Homowo Festival

This marks the beginning of the celebration and harvest. Homowo Festival is celebrated to recall the trials and success of the people of the Ga traditional area over a huge famine which befell them during their journey from their ancestral homeland to inhabit their current settlement. Register with Us Today!!! The word Homowo Homo – hunger, wo – hoot can mean “to hoot homowp jeer at hunger” in the Ga language. Homowo is a festival celebrated by the Ga people of Ghana.


Most of the possessed are women, barefooted and experience the possession in various ways. testival

Sources say that the Gas traveled thousands of years through the East African Nubian Plains, Sudan, and Nigeria, some through parts of northern African to arrive at their present location in West Africa. Libation is poured to the spirits and ancestors and hunger is hooted at and ridiculed. Gifts are also exchanged on this day. Your email address will not be published.

Homowo Festival | Afro Tourism

There are some differences in the celebrations in the capital towns after the kpokpoi feast. This overturning of the sese marks the end of the Homowo of the Ga people and the lifting of the ban on drumming. Chiefs walk or are carried in floats around the entire Ga Mashie. A special meal homlwo from maize called kpokpoi is served with palm nut soup. The is then followed by a series of rituals to mark the festival season. Friday night is Homowo Eve where people are warned to stay home as spirits are believed to wander the streets.

In the morning, the sese group goes to the Mantse, and elders as it did on Sunday to greet them. Many of the younger twins are placed on the testival of adults in their family in order to better display them for the public.