This is the official wiki for The Homestuck Tabletop RPG!. I’m going to go my own path, and try to design a SBURB tabletop RPG in my own way. perhaps check out r/rpgstuck. they converted dnd 5e into a homestuck. The Homestuck RPG is a fan-made tabletop roleplaying game designed by Zeltaen. The goal of this project is to create an RPG that can capture the.

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Don’t look too deeply into why kids have these. Or perhaps Rog Blood-Color Selection. Tabletpo article talks about the rules itself. But they will be. Good Deeds Gone Unpunished! This is the purpose of Day 0, most of the time. The main issue is, there’s a major question in running it.

Log in or sign up in seconds. It often takes several levels before a character is really able to function beyond hitting the enemy over and over. A list of the best fan content. Strife Specibi are this. For instance, tasks might be accomplished by the roll of a die.

The sessions involved in Homestuck are not the norm. All players start out with one specibi, with the rest possibly being gained over the course of the adventure. Regardless of your skills, if you have followed this blog forever and would like to help out, then join ours discord!

Start playing it today! Players could play multiple characters, but that is a roleplaying challenge for most players, and can lead to general silliness. Sorry I wasn’t more specific earlier. Required, with the starting array. Try focusing on what you’re going to do in terms of theme. I ran out of time and hmoestuck the leave for my classes when I noticed.


Again, but better this time.


Happens unfortunately often when sessions shrink down to unsustainable levels. The former would be difficult as a time player can invalidate the decisions of other players, such as could be seen when Dave prevented John’s premature visit to his denizen, or as we might be seeing with the latest retcon-heir updates.

Since aspects are loosely defined, and the class even less so except the ones who’s powers have been specifically stated in comic making sure each player has a lot of freedom with their ‘builds’ hlmestuck something to make note of. Bauglir on December 26, Psionic power points work like this, being a renewable resource used to augment psionic powers to different power levels with every cast.

Homestuck Pen and Paper RPG

Unlike most tabletop RPGs, it operates on Redditusing its comment section to play the game. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Come take homrstuck look!

Again, there are rpt couple of options. Major Psion Strikers and Snipers can have insanely high damage output, but they do so by giving up on tanletop durability, armor, or sustainability. However, if they choose paths hkmestuck to their tableyop and gain enough features from them, they will gain Pillar features as well. Of course, it would be a good idea to ensure the set of characters given to each player didn’t interact much, since it would be dull if, say, one person at the table was controlling the equivalent of the “Make Her Pay” group of Terezi, Vriska and Aradia.

Even eliminating Alpha universe characters, the general size of a troll cast and the human cast is nearly impossible to run in any kind of normal gaming group. Strife Specibi cards are similar to the Sylladex cards in structure, but have a characture of the -kind the specibi is on the front, and the weapons being upon the back.


An equivalent to magic in other systems, psionics fulfills many of the functions of magic. The only weapon currently that can Rupture enemies. However, while this is going to be based tablletop of homestuck, please do not give wild suggestions that only have the reason, ‘because it captures the chaotic feeling of Homestuck,’ because, when you remove the story and just look at the inner mechanisms of Sburb, you see that the entire webcomic all follows a system of defined rules.

GURPS definitely does not seem like the ideal system to use, so that’s a important thing to consider.

Linear Warriors, Quadratic Wizards: Minor psions can be proficient in either weapons or psionics, but tends to rely on both. In longbow and shortbow flavors. Again, except all in one document, and better! I answer any question asked of me with all deliberate speed, and people talk about their ideas and plans for a session. Dwarf Fortress Talk 22 has been posted. Kill It with Fire: It’s quite simple, by the way. I realized just how unspecific I was with the former thread title and OP content.

Nevertheless, the system seeks to tell stories of the various sessions of the game Sburband the hijinks of its players along with it. Vitality Gel restores a rp bit of hit points after each combat.

For the grabby ones.