The startling, frighteningly convincing sequel to The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail that reveals the very nature of the Messianic Legacy. Holy Blood, Holy Grail rocked the very foundations of Christianity. Now four more years of research have uncovered shocking material — and its earthshaking. Also by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln · Holy Blood, Holy Grail Illustrated Edition. The Messianic Legacy. See all books by Michael Baigent.

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It’s quite interesting book, nice continuation of “Holy Grail, Holy Blood”.

All in all, it doesn’t keep up the energy as its predecessor did, but it’s worth reading for the way out facts it presents, particularly in the first ths. Oct 10, Dave rated it really liked it Shelves: Yes we all know that ancient Messianic movement was political movement but i think its too much if Baigent hol extending the world of this secret Merovingian things with so many medern day political and counter intelligent groups.

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Michael Baigent

I have never put myself forward as a descendant of Jesus Christ. From the middle onwards the book gets bogged down in stuff which is fairly interesting–about how politicians are ‘sold’ to the public.

No trivia or quizzes yet. In the same decade, Leigh introduced him to Henry Lincolna British television scriptwriter, while Lincoln was lecturing at a summer school.

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail. The startling, frighteningly convincing sequel to The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail that reveals the very nature of the Messianic Legacy.

Michael Baigent – Wikipedia

Stay in Touch Sign up. Did Jesus have a twin brother called Judas Thomas? LitFlash The blold you want at the lowest prices. Since he has lived in England with his wife and children. Referring to the origins of the black tie tradition, he added: May 01, Joanna rated it really liked it.

The Messianic Legacy

There is something called historical evidence — there is something called the historical method — and if you look around the shelves of bookshops there is a lot of history being published, and people mistake this type of history for the real thing.


These kinds of books do appeal to an enormous audience who believe them to be ‘history’, but actually they aren’t history, they are a kind of parody of history. While the average person of European descent has lost it – not in the smallest measure because it suits the powers that tried hard to veil information and knowledge of the faith they were corralled in – other people and other cultures, other languages, have either retained it all along, or can access it far more easily.

The Messianic Legacy Secret Brotherhoods.

This one isn’t as seamless as HBHG; the leaps in logic grow ever larger. In a review of the book for The Observernovelist and literary critic Anthony Burgess wrote: After the shocking revelations of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail the authors, in their quest to determine the discrepancies between early and modern ‘Christian’ thought, found that they were forced to ask such questions as: Please try again later.

The Templar-Grail myth… is at the heart of the most notorious of all the Grail pseudo-histories, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grailwhich is a classic example of the conspiracy holh of history… It is essentially ghe text which proceeds by innuendo, not by refutable scholarly debate… Essentially, the whole argument hkly an ingeniously constructed series of suppositions combined with forced readings of such tangible facts as are offered.

According to them, the legendary Holy Grail is simultaneously the womb of saint Mary Magdalene and the sacred royal bloodline she gave birth to, and the Church tried to kill off all remnants of this bloodline and their supposed guardians, the Cathars and the Templarsin order for popes to hold the episcopal throne through the apostolic succession of Peter without fear of it ever being usurped by an messiznic from the hereditary succession of Mary Magdalene.

In a way the scope here seems too wide. This book tge not yet featured on Listopia.

His secondary schooling was at Nelson Collegeand then he moved on to the University of CanterburyChristchurchinitially intending to study science and continue in the family career of forestry, but then switched to studying comparative religion and philosophy, studying BuddhismHinduism and Christianity. Lincoln then joined forces with Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh for further research.

  CHROMA 19032 PDF

The paperback version was first published in by Corgi books. About Henry Lincoln Henry Lincoln is an author and filmmaker and has written for television.

Prime Minister of France? Perhaps as a result of this mention, the authors minus Henry Lincoln of Holy Blood sued Dan Brown for copyright infringement.

Retrieved 17 June Trivia About The Messianic Legacy.

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail – Wikipedia

The gentle Jesus they told us about in school, he seemed to be in Disneyland. Read it Forward Read it first. Also a possible insight into the ancient secret society and the keepers of the bloodline of Jesus, Prieure De Sion Priory of Sion. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. His father left the family when he was eight years old and with his mother Jean, Baigent went to live with his maternal grandfather, Lewis Baigent, a sawmill owner, and took his surname.

More about Michael Baigent. They argued that the bulk of the claims, ancient mysteries, and conspiracy theories presented as facts are pseudohistorical.

Later, he and Leigh co-authored several books, including The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception in which they primarily followed the controversial theories of Robert Eisenman concerning the interpretation of the Scrolls.

Cover of the hardcover edition. A sequel to mesdianic book, called The Messianic Legacy[2] was originally published in Infant mortality in pre-modern times was ridiculously high, and you’d only need one childhood accident or disease in years to wipe out the bloodline; if, however, even one extra sibling per generation survived to reproduce, the numbers of descendants would increase at an exponential rate; keep the children of Christ marrying each other, on the other hand, hooy eventually they’d be so inbred that the sons of God would have flippers for feet.

There are no references to the Jesus bloodline in the ” Priory of Sion documents” and the link exists only within the context of a gtail made by the authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.