Khartala, ; Françoise Bretout: Mogho Naba Wobgho: La résistance du royaume mossi de Ouagadougou., ; Michel Izard: Le Yatenga précolonial: Un. Histoire des royaumes et chefferies au Burkina Faso précolonial, Ouagadougou, DIST/CNRST, ; Michel Izard, Introduction à l’histoire des royaumes mossi. Author: Jeanne-Marie Kambou-Ferrand. Edition/Format: Article: French. Publication: Burkina Faso, cents ans d’histoire: actes du premier colloque international.

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Beyond his actual historical role, he became a symbol for many Africans. Sawadogo est le Mogho Naba aux surnoms ou devises.

Ses devises principales histiire On ne sait rien de lui. These relations included military attacks on many times with the Mossi being attacked by a variety of African forces.

Qui est le Mogho Naaba, au centre des négociations au Burkina Faso? | Slate Afrique

Les devises initiales de Naba Sawadogo furent: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lorsqu’il se fit nommer Mogho Naba, Bakari Royamue prit les devises suivantes:.

There were prominent rivalries between the different kingdoms, namely between Yatenga and Ouagadougou. Les Baloum Naba sont aussi des descendants directs de Naba Ouedraogo.

Mossi Kingdoms

Views Read Edit View history. The Kingdom of Yatenga became a ,ossi power attacking the Songhai Empire between and taking over Timbuktu and sacked the important trading post of Macina. Les devises de Naba Warga furent: La princesse se nommait Yennenga.

Naba Warga estimait que les rapports sexuels portaient malheur aux guerriers en campagne. Les chefs du Yatenga descendent aussi de Naba Ouedraogo. Zoungrana and Pouitenga had a son, Oubri, who further expanded the kingdom by conquering the Kibissi and some Gurunsi tribes. Naba Kom II, Il leur confia en particulier le soin de rendre la justice selon la coutume. La seconde doit indiquer le programme d’action du nouveau chef et constitue souvent, dans la pratique, un discret avertissement pour ses adversaires.


Naba Lamsinga avait deux passions: At the same time, Komdimie created a new level of authority for his sons as Dimas of separate provinces with some autonomy but recognizing the sovereignty of the Ouagadougou dynasty.

Following Oubri, centralization hixtoire small-scale expansion of the kingdoms were the primary tasks. Konlil Wobgo commit de graves infractions contre les coutumes.

Mossi Kingdoms – Wikipedia

Unsteady Statehood in West Arica. As a result of the significant centralization of the kingdoms, the French largely kept the administration making the Moro-naba in Ouagadougou the primary leader of the region and creating five ministers under him that governed different regions largely adhering to the Mossi kingdom borders.

Le Mogho Naba actuel est: Il tirait son nom de la devise: Il opta pour Doulougou. Il eut de nombreux fils. However, he was one of the very first European to visit the Mosse kingdom in Ouagadougou.

Accounts of the origin of the Mossi kingdom and parts of their history are very imprecise with contradictory oral traditions that disagree on significant aspects of the story. Il porta surtout ses armes vers le Sud. Auparavant, ces rencontres n’avaient lieu qu’en temps de guerre. Les captifs affranchis constituaient une force importante dans l’empire mossi.

Cette expression donna son nom au chef-lieu de cercle actuel. He was a French military officer sent by the Colonial Department and the Foreign Ministry to explore and ultimately to link France’s possessions between the Niger River and the Guinea coast by treaties. Ses deux principales devises furent: Son fils, Naba Sagha, poursuivit cette action. His role in the history of Burkina is secondary. But she ran away from home, riding a stallion. On lui lia le poignet droit au cou et on le fit escorter par deux fantassins et deux cavaliers.


In addition, although they had initially resisted Islamic imposition and retained independence from the main Islamic states of West Africa, there began to be a sizable number of Muslims living in the kingdom. Thomas Sankara is probably the most famous Burkinabe figure.

Binger travelled from Dakar to the Ivory Coast at the end of the 19 th century. Certains chefs du pays boussanga sont issus de ce Mogho Naba, tels ceux de Lorgo et de Boussouma.

The king participated in two great festivals, one focused on the genealogy of the royal lineage in order to increase their naam and another of sacrifices to tenga.

This event dates in different oral histories to be anytime between the 11th and the 15th centuries. However, the French in entered the area and renounced the treaty of protection to conquer the Mossi Kingdom and make it part of the Upper Volta colony.

Increasing power of the Mossi kingdoms resulted in larger conflicts with regional powers. Oubri, hlstoire ruled from around until CE, is often considered the founder of the Ouagadougou dynasty which ruled from the royaumr of Ouagadougou.

Although the Mossi forces were defeated in this effort, they resisted attempts to impose Islam. The Ouagadougou dynasty retained control in Ouagadougoubut the other kingdoms established by the sons of Wedraogo retained independence in Tenkodogo, Fada N’gourma, and Zondoma.

His third son, Zoungrana became the ruler in Tenkodogo after Wedraogo died. On entend souvent la phrase suivante: