Hemisection dental surgery is a procedure in which a tooth with multiple roots is sectioned in halves. This procedure may be needed when there is bone. Patients are becoming more educated in the available treatments and will ask for services by name. This paper offers a treatment option that preserves tooth. This procedure helps in saving a tooth which otherwise would have been deemed for extraction. Hemisection refers to removal or separation of.

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Then, the restoration of hemisected tooth was planned with fixed partial denture in relation to 35, mesial root of 36 and Hemisection as an alternative treatment for resorbed multirooted tooth: An innovative approach for treating vertically fractured mandibular molar – hemisection with socket preservation.

Hemisection: A conservative management of periodontally involved molar tooth in a young patient

Clinical image of cariously involved lower right molar and hemixection stumps on left molar, b preoperative radiographic view of periodontally involved lower right molar with. Hemisection with socket preservation surgery as an alternative treatment tor vertically fractured mandibular molars: Therapeutic planning, operative sequence, and pluridisciplinarity exerted in this case illustrate the importance of specialized knowledge and professional communication. Advances in dentistry has hemisecion an opportunity to maintain a functional dentition for lifetime.


Hemisections cannot be performed on smaller teeth because they lack the strength and stability required to remain functional after the procedure.

Root resection under the surgical field employed for extraction of impacted tooth and management of external resorption. Hemisection dental surgery is a procedure in which a tooth with two roots is cut in half. How to cite this URL: Patient did not wish to have the tooth removed, so hemisecfion conservative treatment option was opted which included hemisection of the distal root of 36 followed by prosthetic replacement.

Patient was recalled after 3 months. Root amputation and tooth hemisection. Thus, it was diagnosed as chronic generalised gingivitis and localized periodontitis hemksection with lower left mandibular first molar.

Advances in dentistry, as well as the increased desire of patients to maintain their dentition, have led to treatment of teeth that once would have been removed. Endodontic phase involved intentional root canal treatment of 36 in a conventional manner Figure 2. Hemisection of tooth done Click here to view. J Interdiscip Dentistry ;1: There are many hemiseftion to a hemisection.

Hemisection of a multirooted tooth – A case report. Retained root is restored as premolar which helped to reduce the masticatory load. The keys to long term success appear to be thorough diagnosis followed by interdisciplinary approach with endodontic, surgical and prosthetic procedures. Post cementation instructions regarding periodontal maintenance were given.

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Hemisection: A conservative approach Arora A, Arya A, Singhal RK, Khatana R – Indian J Dent Sci

Cuspal inclines are made less steep to reduce laterally directed forces and eliminate the nonworking contacts. Hemisection of mesial root was decided after the completion of endodontic treatment for the distal root.

J Int Oral Health ;3: Hemisection- A relevant, practical and successful treatment option. These teeth are the major standpoint for occlusion, and also have a wide pericemental area.

What is hemisection dental surgery?

Vertical fractures — Tooh a healthy molar has sustained a vertical injury either due to trauma or decay, a hemisection may be performed to save the healthy section of the tooth.

Please review our privacy policy. Hemisection dental surgery is a procedure in which a tooth with multiple roots is sectioned in halves.

Tooth hemisection and restoration an alternative to extraction: How to hemisrction this article: Tooth hemisection and restoration an alternative to extraction-A case report. Hemisection as an alternative treatment for vertically fractured mandibular molars.