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CN101675198A – retractable awning – Google Patents

In order to extend the screen, the clamping systems are released and pulled along the wires, thereby extending the screen with respect to the wires. The position and velocity of the screen 3 can be monitored by means of rotary encoders in the storage roller and in the winches in the same way as in the first embodiment. The weight of the screen is supported entirely by the wires. The slave end unit 21 keeps locked to the master location.

Retractable awning – CUTLER DANIEL

As may be seen, there are three basic servo loops and there is a hierarchy relationship between them. It is disclosed in GB that the clamping systems and also the storage roller on which the screen is stored can be motorised in order to enable automatic deployment. In this situation, the master end unit 20 stays locked hslcomaster the position it is in.

In other embodiments the controller can be any other type of standard awning controller which is designed to command known motorised awnings having non-synchronized motors, for example those made by Simu or Somfy.

CNA – retractable awning – Google Patents

The master sends its current position and the desired velocity to the slave end unit via the communications channel over cable 57 as a position command. When rolling back the awning 3a variation of the above concept is used. The following is a keyword list associated with Halcomaster Gebruiksaanwijzing. When the screen has been deployed to the desired position, the clamping systems are clamped to the wires thereby maintaining the screen in the extended position under tension.


This ensures that the canopy motors do not move quicker than the screen is being payed out.

Halcomaster 2200 Gebruiksaanwijzing

Also uneven pulling can lead to wrinkles forming in the screen. The control unit monitors and processes all of this information from the storage units and end units and sends out commands to each unit in order to balance the tension in the screen.

For example the maximum velocity may be set to the velocity of the AC storage roller motor Although no tension sensor is shown in FIG.

In use, both end units would have cases.

The power connector 66 is also connected to a power cable that supplies power to slave end unit 21 through its power connector United States Patent It is also provided with an input from the unit’s limit switch to limit switch interface In any of the above described covering apparatuses, a further way of increasing the tension in the screen during deployment is to introduce a difference in height in the end points of the screen, i.

In this embodiment, the awning controller 45 is a Simu Halcomaster Pro awning controller contained within the control unit In yet a further aspect, the invention provides a method of operating a retractable covering apparatus as described above. The severity of such problems depends upon the size of the screen. It controls motor 9 M the suffixes S and M are used to indicate slave and master respectively via the motor driver in response to these signals. The rotary encoder 11 M of the master end unit monitors how far along the cable the master end unit has travelled, and feeds this information to the master local controller.

The following keyword list is sorted by the global search, and these keyword data are relevant to ” Halcomaster Gebruiksaanwijzing “. Such a method may broadly comprise the steps of operating a first motor to extend the screen; and operating a second motor to retract the screen; further comprising operating a control unit to control the first and second motors.


Instead, each motor would send data to and receive commands from the main control unit directly. Instead, the data can be communicated back to the control unit either by overhead wires, or more preferably underground wires. If a discrepancy is detected, the speed of one or more of the motors may be adjusted in order to compensate and bring the tension back into line.

It will have been appreciated that while in position mode, the commands to the velocity and current loop will normally be limited to a maximum value so that there is a maximum motor velocity and moment.

It is also easier with a smaller span to provide the tension required to prevent sagging of the hallcomaster at that angle. A retractable awning as claimed in claim 14wherein each motor operating an end halcomzster is arranged with the end unit and moves therewith.

The advantage of this arrangement is that the tension sensor remains in a fixed position and therefore data halcomzster it can easily be extracted through fixed wires. A retractable awning as claimed in claim 8wherein at least one of the motors is arranged to drive one or more end units along one or more of the tensile wires. In this way the single motor of a standard awning arrangement is emulated so that a conventional awning controller 45which is designed to operate a single motor arrangement, is able to operate the awning of this embodiment.

This can cause unbalanced pulling forces to be applied to the screen which can consequently be deployed and retracted in a lopsided fashion.