ePHOTOzine has partnered up with to bring you a selection of Gossen Lunasix 3 instruction manuals and related photographic literature. Gossen Lunasix 3, although built around the early ’70, is a very The Gossen Lunasix is a purely passive circuit, i.e. there are only .. Hello, at last I´ve been able to calibrate mi gossen Lunasix 3 with your instructions. In the. Maker: Gossen. Dates: Variants: Lunasix, Lunasix 3, Lunasix 3s. Type: Ambient exposure meter.

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Use a needle or a sharp screwdriver blade to lift the plate through the serial number opening at the back. Lunasix, Lunasix 3, Lunasix 3s Type: The gamma value is 0. The corresponding scale points that result in the same effective illumination of the CdS sensor are listed here:.

July 19, at Hi, I hope you can help me with this. May 25, at Which one should I use? Reading this post with interest.

I got it back in, I thought exactly right, but when I close the case the range switch wants to bind. It moves a bit when given gentle jolts, but it stubbornly refuses to manhal moved by the adjustment screw. I’m grateful to Rob Cole for sending me a pdf copy of the instruction leaflet for the attachment.

March 5, at Should it not be closer to mV? The voltage drop across a diode depends on the current folwing through it. The filter appears to be fine. October 25, ogssen When the rocker is released the needle remains clamped in place making transfer of the reading to the “computer” ring much easier.


It should be silverish and quite opaque, you might see a light source like the sun amnual a bright bulb through it, but not your desk. Your email address will not be published. The first approach is easier when you either have an adjustable lightbox, or several white walls with different levels of illumination accessible at all times. Remember, that the upper scale end is more accurate and around cross-over between the scales just take the reading from the manuak range as more reliable.

The plate is glued in, you have to pry lujasix carefully off taking care not to bend it too much. Lunasix 3 manual Here are all the pages of the operating manual for the Gossen Lunasix 3 photographic light meter.

For each range, I set the two pots to either left, center, or right in all possible combinations. You will notice back of the battery compartment and two wires coming from it.

The Gossen company has produced an adapter to allow the use of a pair of easily-obtained lunasx cells in these meters. December 4, at It will cost lunasjx less work than recalibrating the meter. Solder the diode into the negative wire, the small bar on the diode housing shall point towards the battery compartment see photo to the right. Earlier models can be used with later batteries by simply setting a different ISO.

I disassembled the meter to see if I could find the trouble.

Lunasix 3 manual

The problem is present in both scales. I have all but the lower third of the scale pretty well filled in. I follow the manual of Lunasix 3 to test zero position of the indicator needle. I assume the meter is reading generally something, i.


When I kept turning the zero screw clockwise, the needle swinged to the left, then it swing back to the right. Try Bogen, they’re very mannual about supplying older manuals.

April 5, at All I did was to put the lever arm through the hole in the corner, and swing the mirror part into its slot before closing the case. While you can get these to match perfectly, it will throw the other end of scale off by much more.

I suggest a different approach: I recently received a lunasix 3, which I am now struggling to calibrate. If it reads good above 13 on high, and above 4 on low, just accept it.

Calibrating Gossen Lunasix 3 (LunaPro) | marek’s microsite

You will not gain much anyway, because the adjustment has to be done in very fine increments and so putting some sort of a scale on each pot will be useless. Remember the exact needle position to tell any voltage drift in the future.

The styling, layout, and distinctive “computer” dial set the standard for successive Gossen linasix until the advent of electronic displays. The Gossen order code is VA.

HI, Art I am using 2 pcs. If your meter was dead-on with mercury batteries and the meter needle on battery check stops now within the red field you are most likely done.

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