Gordon Pask’s Conversation Theory: A Domain Independent Constructivist Model of Human Knowing. Bernard Scott. Centre for Educational Technology and . The model in question is partof the conversation theory (CT) of Gordon Pask. CT, as a theory of theory construction andcommunication, has particular relevance. Since then a substantial percentage of the software development of my career has been guided by Conversation Theory and the work of Gordon Pask.

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Consider that once the basic problems of number crunching and word processing conversatikn were solved, the software industry and its customers were ready to ppask toward networks, and then to collaboration software.

Reflected light of a particular wavelength. Both were right, but the Foundation chose against taking any risk, and declined funding. This is a virtual machine for selecting and executing concepts or topics from an entailment mesh shared by at least a pair of participants.

The reviewers were split, one calling it brilliant and important to the future of user interface design; another calling it disorganized and uncertain as to its potential outcome.

I entered the field of cybernetics as no doubt everyone does,as an observer of my own thinking. Shall I just ignore what I have observed in our previous conversations about what is an effective conversation with you?

Gordon Pask PDFs & Other Resources — Conversation Theory

Back Entailment meshes as models of cognitive processes are often misunderstood to consist of no more than nodes and the links between them. Psychology was concerned with my concerns, how we learn things and all; how we manage to talk to each other and ourselves. The color of the sky is blue.

Should I give you the same answer no matter what the previous question was? This is explicated in the next section on Contradiction Handling, which is a special case of the above.


Conversation theory

This grew out of his work with cybernetics where he conceived human-machine interaction as a form of conversation, a dynamic process, in which the participants learn about each other. Reprinted in Cybernetic Art and Ideased. Through recursive interactions called “conversation” their differences may be reduced until agreement—that is, agreement up to a point which Pask called “agreement over an understanding”—may be reached.

Any two concepts can produce the third, shown as the cyclic form of three concepts note that the arrows should show that BOTH T1 and T2 are required to produce T3; similarly for generating T1 or T2 from the others. My formal education in cybernetics began.

THOUGHTSTICKER · Conversation Theory Software · Gordon Pask

Principles To learn a subject matter, students must learn the relationships among the concepts. The Conversation Theory developed by G. It was Pask who inspired the construction of an information management system that had all the components of modern Web browsers, but with the added good sense to provide an organising principle for the hyperlinks—something the World Wide Web still needs. The advantages claimed still apply no matter the preferred method, including a mix of methods over time.

The simplification has a number of aspects.

And that was so much: Last Updated November 30th, I had heard well ahead that Pask was coming to consult with the MIT lab that I had joined after completing an undergraduate degree.

Then based on variables theeory to the individual user, as explained later, the system chooses one concept as the basis for displaying additional content.

Entailment mesh topics that appear in the text that is, phrases in the content that represent or name topics are hyperlinks. How does the user teory the software what to do? Complexity increased only when the user had experienced what details were already expressed.


In Commentary toward the end of Pask, [6] he states:. They lectured in tag-team format, one of them punching out an idea until it was on the ropes, then the other guy stepping in to take care of the next one. Retrieved from ” https: The critical method of learning vordon to Conversation Theory is ” teachback ” in which one person teaches another what they have theofy. Records the statement What topics do you wish to distinguish in this explanation? Elsewhere 24 I conversatlon described an application of Conversation Theory to organizational modelling, and over the twenty years that I have pondered this notion and used it as the basis of mostly manual that is, not a software-based facilitation, I see the modern corporation and the software industry converging on it on their own.

Man-Machine Studies, 7, pp.

Conversations can be conducted at a number of different vordon A residue of the interaction may be captured as an “entailment mesh”, an organized and publicly available concersation of resultant knowledge, itself a major product of the theory as devotees argue they afford many advantages over semantic networks and other, less formalized and non-experimentally based “representations of knowledge”.

Then, when the individual student performs a further navigating action, the software can respond to that individual based on that history. We chose not to make the hyperlinks constantly underlined or highlighted in any way, though we tried that feature. Entailment meshes were a revelation to me.