Good Night, Mr. Tom is a children’s book published in , written by English actress, dancer, and writer Michelle Magorian. Magorian had a. A beautiful hardback edition of Michelle Magorian’s bestselling novel Goodnight Mister Tom. This edition has a stunning Puffin ‘cloth’ Classics cover design and. The colours of Goodnight Mr Tom. Michelle Magorian reflects on the inspiration behind her classic children’s novels, Goodnight Mr Tom and Back Home.

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Magorian also has a way of presenting difficult issues without getting too graphic or going overboard.

Good Night, Mr. Tom

I honestly have to ask- how did this novel get such a high rating? Another irritating thing about him was the fact that halfway through the novel, he got a tan, and somehow turned black.

A death in a book, especially that of a child, should be necessary and unavoidable. Within weeks, he was perfectly cured.

Willie Beech is an abused nine-year-old boy. Lists with This Book. The boy is thinly clad, underfed and covered with painful bruises, and believes he ggoodnight full of sin, a result of his upbringing by his mother, a domineering, insane, God-fearing widow. And I think this is the only exception.

Good Night, Mr. Tom by Michelle Magorian

Tom, who wasn’t his legal guardian by the way, or a psychologist, insisted all he needed was fresh, country air. It would be in bad taste altogether to be too graphic or dramatic. When we a Wonderful book. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Primary school, in fact. We had to read this in primary school, and it’s been one of my most-read, well-loved books ever since. They strike up an unlikely friendship, and it becomes clear to Mister Tom after a while that Willie is hiding something from him.


To gain confidence through experience and learning, rather than instant brilliance. It’s just too unbelievable. Will the two ever goodnighg it back to Little Goodnigjt or is this the end of things for Mr. There is big time child abuse in this book. It’s a michrlle that changed my life as a child.

What makes this story work so well though is relationship. At first, you sense uncertainty as to what will become of Will and Tom but then as the story unravels it shows the development in both their characters and just how wonderful and magorlan strong their relationship becomes.

There are some dark moments but she does not dwell on them. It takes hold of you from the earliest pages and doesn’t let go. Tom resorts to something desperate.

Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian – review

But so it is and so my rating remains. It was written in and hasn’t lost any of ogodnight appeal nor does it miter a dated feeling. What really bothered me was the hospital scene. Micchelle still laughed seriously, Zach and I need to be best friends and I still got teary at certain parts and I still got a warm feeling in my tummy at that epilogue. He started to read, he was great, he started to act, he was great, he started to draw, he was great… Everyone loved him, despite his complete lack of personality.


It’s a wonderful tale of friendship and growth that everyone can enjoy. In Septemberas Britain stands on the brink of the war, many young children from the cities are evacuated to the countryside to escape an imminent German bombardment.

The author manages to make you feel the growing relat Such a wonderful tale of second chances! I’m not going to spoil the story by micchelle too much away. Btw, there is a film version. Sometimes because I fe One of my final List of Betterment books and a true classic. Heck-sensitive people in general.

William is malnourished and badly bruised as he had been locked under the stairs for a number kagorian days. He is way too perfect. And it turns out that William is quite a talented artist, receiving some art supplies from Mr. There could easily be a child afraid of dogs, possibly put into hospital because of a dog attack.