This novel turns a teen’s fatal condition into a hilarious and hallucinatory quest. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Going Bovine. It helps middle and high school students understand Libba Bray’s literary masterpiece. From the author of the Gemma Doyle trilogy and The Diviners series, this groundbreaking New York Times bestseller and winner of the Michael L.

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The characters are sarcastically-crazy-fun and extremely colorful! Cameron is a slacker who shows up late for work, gets bad grades, doesn’t keep his promises, and says his religion is “apathy.

Then, he starts having hallucinations of fire giants, and passing out in class. I like the Cameron that meets Dulcie and decides to live instead of sneer at life. X” to save his life. I have an artificial left eye. Cameron is just your average teen guy. There were moments I found myself laughing out loud due to the sheer hilarity of occurrences taking place.

Stay in Touch Sign up. I realy hate not finishing a book but I had to let this one go.

Going Bovine – Wikipedia

Marchetta — On the Jellicoe Road. But a good tired, like I’ve spent all day at the beach. The first thing you notice is her writing style. Accompanied by his friends — Gonzo, a dwarf, and Balder, a Viking god disguised as a long-suffering yard gnome don’t ask — Cameron faces an increasingly bizarre series of misadventures involving a punk angel, New Orleans jazz musicians, and snow globes in this very postmodern retelling of Don Quixote. My favorite book of all time. View all 3 comments.


Gonzo so afraid to get sick and die that he doesn’t experience anything. Thank you for your support. I would actually squirm at the idea of picking it back up, and because I very rarely like to read more than one book at a time, I lost almost an entire month of reading time trying to get through Going Bovine.

That is my least favorite slang word brsy all time. Living in as much time as bovone got, and loving while we do it. As I plow through this sludge, I’m reminded of a favorite quote, which I think is from Charles Ives, “Awards are the badges of mediocrity. This one is so weird it’s not funny. I often put books down at a certain point because I basically know libbz they’re going and, while I might be enjoying the story and even the writing, there’s so much out there to read that I can’t interest myself in seeing the perfectly nice, predictable book through to the end.

New Orleans blues legends, smile cults, eskimo rock bands, evil snowglobes and the occaisional viking gnome. Well, she does not disappoint with her novel Going Bovine.

Like I’m just starting to understand how amazing this whole crazy ride is going to be and now it’s coming to an end.


Take all that and multiply it by an infinite amount of quality; quality that could outshine the cosmos and the small world in which we so live. Bovije excited to do this again!

It was funny and fantastic. Things can’t seem to get any worse until Cameron learns he has contracted Mad Cow Disease and that his death is inevitable. It’s hard to really divulge any more of the plot without revealing many of the surprising twists and turns that the story takes.

Going Bovine by Libba Bray

McCaughrean — The White Darkness Then, after having halucinations, he’s diagnosed with Mad Cow Disease and that’s when things get interesting. The disease will slowly eat away at his brain until he dies. Specialist’s name was Dr.

Then I finished it and found something else to read. I once spent New Year’s Eve in a wetsuit.

Going Bovine

It follows the experiences of high school junior Cameron Smith as he suffers from transmissible spongiform encephalopathy. But I think this is a rare case of just Too Much Shit. Sep 22, Pages Young Adult Buy.