Manfred Steger, professor of Global Studies at the University of Hawaii at Manoa argues that globalization has four main dimensions: economic, political, cultural. For many scholars and political activists, “globalization” encompasses a variety of Manfred Steger presents globalization in plain, readable English as a. Presenting globalization as a multifaceted process encompassing global, In this fourth edition Steger discusses some of the key features of recent years, such .

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Within these prescribed limits, individual nations were free to control the permeability of their borders.

However, my sceptical perspective on the nature and the effects of contemporary forms of globalization should not be interpreted as a blanket rejection of the phenomenon itself. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. After all, economic forms of interdependence are set into motion by political decisions, but these decisions are nonetheless made in particular economic contexts.

Our deconstruction of Osama bin Laden has provided us with a real-life example of the intricate – and sometimes contradictory – social dynamics of globalization. Others are willing to extend this timeframe to include the ground-breaking developments of the 19th century.

Rather, they suggest that these processes have been unfolding for millennia. These innovations in transportation were complemented by the swift development of communication technologies. For example, the European Community began in with French Foreign Minister Robert Schuman’s modest plan to create a supranational institution charged with regulating French and German coal and steel production. On the surface, these principles appear to be rational in their attempts to offer efficient and predictable ways of serving people’s needs.

Add the enormous impact of the Reformation and the related liberal political idea of limited government, and we have identified the main forces behind the qualitative leap that greatly intensified demographic, cultural, ecological, and economic flows between Europe, Africa, and the Americas.


ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. A Very Short Introduction J. Our brief deconstruction of some of the central images on the videotape makes it easier to understand why the seemingly globalization images of an antimodern terrorist in front of an Afghan cave do, in fact, capture some essential dynamics of globalization.

There was a problem filtering reviews right now. The clear implication of this perspective is that territory still matters. Steger Very Short Introductions. I found the chapter on the economic aspects of globalization chapter 3 very useful. The greatest challenge facing today’s globalization researcher lies, therefore, in connecting and synthesizing the various strands of knowledge in a way that does justice to the increasingly fluid and interdependent nature of our postmodern world.

Arts and Humanities Archaeology. While the main purpose of this book lies in providing its audience with a globqlisation and explanatory account of the various dimensions of globalization, the careful reader will detect throughout the chapters a critical undertone. WorldWatch Institute, April Skip to main content. Enormous waves of migration intensified existing cultural exchanges and transformed traditional social patterns.

The series began inand now represents a wide variety of topics in history, philosophy, religion, science, and the humanities. As we noted in our previous discussion of Osama bin Laden, such processes of hybridization have become most visible in fashion, music, dance, film, food, and language. Barber asserts that both forces ultimately work stegre a participatory form of democracy, for they are equally prone to undermine civil liberties and thus thwart the possibility of a global democratic future.

Dimensions of globalization – Wikipedia

The future of globalization. Broswimmer, a wonderful friend and hard-working research specialist at the Globalization Research Center in Honolulu, deserves special recognition.

These three institutions enjoy the privileged position of making and enforcing the rules of a global economy that is sustained by significant power differentials between the global North and South. The advance of deregulation and liberalization, O These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly.


These objections range from the accusation that fashionable ‘globalization talk’ amounts to little more than ‘globaloney’ to less radical suggestions that globalization is a much more limited and uneven process than the sweeping arguments of the so-called ‘hyperglobalizers’ would have us believe.

Globalization: A Very Short Introduction

The reduction of public expenditures, particularly social spending 8. The ecological dimension of globalization 7.

The political dimension of globalization 5. History of Science and Technology. However, Nokia’s gift to Finland – the distinction of being the most interconnected nation in the world – came at the price of economic dependency. The proliferation of these transworld bodies has shown that nation-states find it increasingly difficult to manage sprawling networks of social interdepen den ce. This Very Short Introduction has been fully updated for a fourth edition, to include recent developments in global politics, the global economy, and environmental issues.

They suggest that we are not moving towards a cultural rainbow that reflects the diversity of the world’s existing cultures. A Very Short Introduction. Moreover, as a flobalisation of these protracted armed conflicts, military alliances and political arrangements underwent continuous stegee.

Globalization first appeared in the s, but did not gain widespread traction until the s. First, I want to thank my colleagues and friends at the Globalization Research Center at the University of Hawai’i-Manoa for their consistent support of my research agenda. A new political order of nation-states anchored in the charter of the United Nations raised the prospect of global democratic governance.