Read Girl in the Bedouin Tent by Annie West by Annie West by Annie West for free with a 30 day free trial. Read eBook on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android. When she arrives in the desert nation of Tarakhar, volunteer teacher Cassie is abducted by evil men and offered as a dancer to a strange man. Girl In The Bedouin Tent By Annie West – FictionDB. Cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history, genres, and time period.

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Feb 08, Inara Scott rated it it was amazing. Even while Sheikh’s veered off course with some hard-to-believe moments not buying that a man abstained from sex for 3 years for a woman he didn’t care about, when westt had a harem at his disposalat least I felt like there was some weight to the story itself, cheesy as it was bedouij times.

She was spent, so still that for a moment he even wondered if she breathed.

Girl in the Bedouin Tent

I asked gifl what a modern, independent woman would do if kidnapped and presented to a visiting sheikh as a love slave. View all 3 comments. He’d learned to wrestle with full-grown heavyweights. Jaw set, he reached for the blade on the floor. Of course I do blame Amir for deceiving her, not being honest or truthful, and totally blinded with his desire not to ih like his parents, who were only focused on their own pleasures and their next thrill.


At The Italian’s Bidding. I really enjoyed this book. While I agree with her stance, no one can know for certain what may have brought a parent to make their choice in life. At first he thought it was an Cassandra doesn’t have any fond memories regarding most men. Not your average damsel in distress! Amir was charming and sophisticated, a true Sheikh. It started really nice but after the almost consummation the h became annoying for me.

Negotiations were critical at this desert meeting and Amir could not afford for anything to go wrong. The movement pressed his groin harder against her body and part of his brain registered her satisfying softness, an innate invitation he couldn’t quite ignore despite his scorching anger.

Seduced by the Sultan. It was his uncle, hte old sheikh who taught Amir.

Girl in the Bedouin Tent by Annie West – FictionDB

I can’t wait to read another Annie West book and hopefully it will be as good as this one, but I haven’t really had a complaint in Annie West books so far so I don’t think I will be disappointed if my past readings of her are and indication. Keen tbe to peel fruit, or inflict serious injury on the unwary.

I loved the main heroine. This is like The Sheikh for the 21st century.

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The Desert King’s Blackmailed Bride. She stirred things inside him, he fought at every turn in the road. If you aren’t already a sheik-book-reader, just be prepared. Ttent dancing girls or whores in gaudy makeup presented by their master to pleasure a visiting dignitary. May 02, Devika Fernando rated it it was amazing.


So when she sees an advertisement for English teachers wanted in Tarakhar, a small but wealthy Arabic country, she applies for the position, and is accepted. He was kind of an ass about keeping her as a lover while planning his marriage to a more suitable woman anbie it wouldn’t be an HP without some hero asshatery now would it? And the ending was so full of emotion and so heartwarming!

Overall book rating

I liked the plot and the characters. The Sicilian’s Defiant Virgin.

I find usually the first half of the book is bbedouin rocking and rolling, and they lose me in the second half, but by then I’m committed to seeing what happens.

Amir caught her arm and twisted it behind her back. I asked myself what a modern, independent woman would do if kidnapped and presented to a visiting sheikh as a love slave. He will get over his attraction to her soon enough, right?