GfK MyScan is the app for registered participant of the correspondent project. With this app you can scan your purchases, put in products without bar codes, take. Thirty thousand GfK sample households in a universe of 40 million German Due to the lack of alternatives, the decision for GfK ConsumerScan-Fresh Food. Data sources: GfK Retail Panel / *, Ø annual change, value in EUR million. Average Data source: GfK Consumer Scan (CP+), * MAT11/,.

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She prepares a vegetarian snack of tofu and bean sprouts for her lunch to take to work. The challenges facing the world Travel trends: Barometer of concerns in Europe Sustainable consumption Purchasing decisions: After you have stuffed yourself with hamburgers, spare ribs or even pulled pork, you might feel like having a superfood day.

Focustopics Real or virtual: Our international consumer panel research expertise provides you with smart customer insights into who your consumers are, their attitudes and behaviors, across all channels.

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Consumer Panel | GfK Global

We use our consumer panel data to explore shopping behavior; where consumers go to find new products, how they research and compare products, how they use them and the factors that drive their decision making and path to purchase. Smartphone fever takes hold Purchasing power and online potential: I post, therefore I like A German shopping week Moving forward with security.

Wearable computers are on the up The trend in the Consumer Electronics segment is clear: Decisive data Getting around in the future Bon appetit, Germany!

Filter coffee or tea in the morning, water during the day and a nice cold beer now and again in the evenings — clearly the time when our conssumerscan cupboards just contained these few products are behind us. Do you want to be informed as soon as a new Focustopic is available?


Focustopics Living and working — is everything in its right place?

Totally on trend – consumption in Germany | GfK Compact

Protein bread bought yesterday is a must to give an extra health and energy boost. While she hops on her e-bike to go to work, he sets off on foot. The joy of do it yourself Staying in touch by mouse click Key challenge — labor market An extra helping of health?

Chic is a gf, away Economic outlook: Mobility trends show that consumers value things which support their modern way of life and make their day-to-day lives easier.

Brand Roadshow ; Navigating the jungle of consumer and communication trends. Focustopics The Sharing Economy: Focustopics Marketing Challenges: France and Germany are the top nations of worriers in Europe Young and flexible – self-promotion versus self-fulfillment Farewell to the incandescent light bulb Of hunters and gatherers Virtually networked The German family structure from a geographical perspective Click yourself abroad Trusted by the world Have a healthy New Year!

Focustopics A question of trust Perfectly styled with a brand logo Organic? Focustopics Those who can, pay more Banks facing a crisis of confidence Responsibility starts in the business Between fear and hope Unity with differences Department stores still very popular for shopping Consequences of the crisis — a question of perspective Ray of light amid the crisis: GfK has acquired Netquest, the leading access panel provider with strong presence in Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

Home Solutions Consumer Panel.

Consumer Panels

After all, his fitness tracker is recording every step he takes. Increasingly well connected Sustainability: Savoir-vivre in Europe — a comparison of attitudes to life The end of cash? GfK drives its global digitalization through acquisition of digital panel specialist Netquest. The rate of growth in comparison with other trends has therefore remained limited.

Security still in first place.

GFK Consumer Scan

Focustopics Marketing challenges: Index tumbles into negative territory for the first time in 15 months. The washing convenience segment also experienced significant quantitative increases: Which products and services have noticeably gained favor among Germans? When traveling, Germans now use coaches more and more as an alternative to trains, planes and automobiles. However, given that the organic movement has already been around for some time, sales are already gkf high.


Your business is all about your consumers, so understanding them is essential in ensuring your products and services meet their needs, and to identify opportunities for growth. Happy without leftovers Trust check of the professions Can users protect their data autonomously?


Do you still eat conventional organic produce or have you already converted to a more up-to-date diet, perhaps one which seems to be a constant source of discussion in the media at the moment? This helps drive business performance consmerscan your bottom line. Many consumers are interested in healthy eating — at least, according to figures from the manufacturers of healthy cooking appliances.

Ecological aspects also play an increasingly consukerscan role when it comes to buying clothes. Eat yourself healthy and save energy Many consumers conshmerscan interested in healthy eating — at least, according to figures from the manufacturers of healthy cooking appliances.

While he jumps in the shower, she sets the table for breakfast. A joint event of GfK, Serviceplan and Markenverband. Please activate JavaScript in your browser settings to enable all features of this website. People are tackling the subject of nutrition hands on — and buy the relevant products according to their preferred trend.

What is the meaning of price?