Getting Unstuck has ratings and 48 reviews. Unwisely said: I went to all the career sessions Tim Butler hosted, and thought I didn’t need to read the book. Getting Unstuck Summary, written by Timothy Butler, Ph.D., is a book dedicated to all the people struggling with their career choice. It aims to. Feeling trapped in your career? Author Timothy Butler believes that your dead ends are your biggest opportunities. Here, Louise FitzBaxter shares her.

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I would suggest listening to the audiobook only for the examples and possibly timoth discussion of the research, but going to a written version for completing the exercises. So, if that’s not so much your thing, you probably won’t enjoy this book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This book is best read when you have chunks of quiet time alone. Oct 01, Michael rated it it was amazing.

The exercises, which were key to using this for self-analysis, were best read, not listened to.

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths

I appreciated the stages the author lists for how one moves from being stuck to progressing in life’s choices. At first I thought it was a bit too touchy-feely for me, but I grew to like it the more I read. In the vision part of the book, Butler states it is better to choose a job that plays to our natural strengths and develop our weakness in that job, rather than a job that focuses on our weakness.

That — right there — that is the cause of most of your problems!

Yes, delving into your personality is an important part of a career shift. He has some helpful exercises in questions in this book that allow you to expand your imagination and explore new avenues for career and life satisfaction.


What images do they generate in your mind? An OK book on unsfuck with personal crisis related to getting into ruts with your life. I have finished reading it, but I need to go back and finish the work that goes with the book. To get to the crux of the matter from the start: This was a very handy book as I decide what I want to do when I grow up!

He then goes into describing power in terms of alphas who want power for its own sake. It was about gettin topic I liked and focused on anecdotes which I preferbut still I never really got into it. Nov 07, Lisandra rated it it was amazing. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Going in I thought people would be my top, but as I read and considered his POV, I realized that this is actually my lowest – butelr is important for my current job search. Identify the common denominators.

Getting Unstuck: How Dead Ends Become New Paths by Timothy Butler

Unatuck only thing missing from it — its head. You will need timotyh group of people to bounce ideas off of- preferably people who have worked with you, supervised you, or worked under you current direct reports won’t work since they can’t be trusted to tell you the whole truth. Butler helps readers see times of impasse as necessary catalysts for life change. We then make changes, grow, and eventually start over again.

Provided you finish the book with a commitment to have a breakthrough, he definitely hits it you Amazing book. The exercises come every few pages and are best done in a place where you can think and write. Jul 12, Vasco rated it really liked it Shelves: For people who connect to this book, that’s wonderful.


How on earth do you find a role that incorporates all of your interests and motivators? You will experience psychological impasse many times in your life. Jan 21, Kamy rated it it was ok. Not geetting mention readable and insightful. I share Chris’ desire for acting in a leadership capacity through the service to others and gaining and implementing ideas through team collaboration.

Next, put your hands in your lap, betting fix your gaze in front of you. The core to this book is a Jobs exercise. The sidebar exercises seem to be good, although why he needs to rename meditation “free attention” I do not know It’s meant to be used.

Now, expand the exercise from your career onto your life. Drawn from years of counseling and teaching experience as well as vital research, Getting Unstuck is essential reading for those who choose to thrive in their most important endeavors.

I really enjoyed this book. A lot of good information and it’s very interactive, just too much to digest as audiobook, not to mention there are many parts to stop and do optional itmothy that are hard to do without the book. The problem comes when an impasse moment comes and ego gets in the way of finding a new path forward.

Next, you identify your top motivations between power, people, and achievements. Butler umstuck to career counseling from a psychoanalytical perspective so the meditations are more about allowing your intuition to work and let emotions and dreams help you identify what is making you stuck. Both of these are a meditation walk through.