How We Advertised America [George Creel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This Is A New Release Of The Original Edition. How we advertised America; the first telling of the amazing story of the Committee on the gospel of Americanism to every corner of the globe, by George Creel. From George Creel, How We Advertised America (Macmillan, ), pp. [ Journalist George Creel, who oversaw the Committee on Public Information during.

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It is the policy of the navy to give instant and complete publicity to all accidents and disasters, and a full report of the ramming was sent beorge at once.

Treadway insisted that he could “produce evidence in this House that there have been placed in the hands of the soldiers abroad tons of the Creel reports.

Melville Stone, of the Associated Press, received a despatch from his London correspondent stating that officers at the American flotilla base in Eng- lish waters had declared that the transports were not at- tacked by submarines at all, and that it was more than likely that the supposed U-boats were merely floating spars americ blackfish.

The Secretary of the Navy had not lied, the first joy and enthusiasms of the people were not unjustified. This view was shared by the War Department, and once on the authority of General Pershing, and a second time by direction of General March, we issued denials of gross exaggeration. The work of the Committee had been discontinued months before, and only an orderly liquidation was in progress.

This first shipment, though in itself not large, marks the final overcoming of many difficulties met in building up this new and intricate industry. That country has kept true to its ideals and its cause, and these have been kept untarnished by the principles which were worked out in this country for a democratic nation; our ideals have been strengthened by their wide-spread dissemination throughout the world.

So, when the military end crel to this war, it was a composite result which was won undoubtedly in part by the superb heroism of the American soldiers and the veteran soldiers of the nations with whom we were asso- ciated.

In the midst of an important debate Senator Watson wasted hours of time by reading these editorials, written seven years before, and, what was worse, he did not scruple to separate passages from the context in order to produce false impressions.

Your signed article on censorship, “What We, and You, Are Up Against,” is written so fairly, and in such evident honesty of purpose, that I feel sure you will be glad to have me inform you with respect to its various inaccuracies.

How We Advertised America. Deeds, the officer in virtual charge of air- craft production at the time. Aside from these considerations, there was the freedom of the press to bear in mind. More than any other Senator he has the conviction of omniscience, and his solemn expression and conservative whiskers persuade many people to accept him at his own valuation. I am of the opinion that, whatever his opinions may have been or may be now, so far as his activities in connection with this work are concerned, they have been, in the main, judicious, and that the work has been carried on for the most part in a business- like, thoroughgoing, effective, and patriotic way.


In England and France, for instance, five to ten organizations were in- trusted with the tasks that the Committee discharged in the United States. The Four Minute Men, an organization that will live in history by reason of its originality and effectiveness, commanded the volunteer services of 75, speakers, operating in 5, communities, and making a total ofspeeches, every one having the carry of shrapnel.

Boolean terms must be in uppercase. It was not that any one resented criticism or inquiry or feared investiga- tion. Creel has called to his assistance and placed in positions of respon- sibility men of a variety of political views, some of them Repub- licans of recognized standing.

This submarine was ordered to watch in the vicinity of the Azores at such a distance as it was supposed the enemy American convoy would pass from the Azores. Some thirty- odd booklets, covering every phase of America’s ideals, purposes, and aims, were printed in many languages other than English. Creel and the other members of his bureau I came to the conclusion that as far as any evidence that we could discover it had not been conducted in a partizan spirit.

What we had to have was no mere surface unity, but a passionate belief in the justice of America’s unity, but a passionate belief in the justice of America’s cause that should weld the people of the United States into one white-hot mass instinct with fraternity, devotion, courage, and deathless determination.

When you are near the trenches the biggest thing in the world is the man in the trenches, and he is a very big thing in cgeel world while the war is on. These were conditions that could not be permitted to endure. Jan 07, Richard Kearney marked it as to-read. Nominally striv- ing to protect the public from pernicious ideas, they have used the censorship to protect themselves from legitimate criticism. We were fighting for ideas and ideals, and somebody who realized that, and knew it, had to say it and keep on saying it until it was believed.

Do they sug- gest any attempt on the part of the government to curb, influence, or confine the right of criticism? Hughes reported the results of his investigation into advrtised whole conduct of aircraft pro- duction. This volume was written by the director of the Committee on Public Information.

The fantastic legend that associated gags and muzzles with its work may be likened only to those trees which are evolved out of the air by Hindu magicians and which rise, grow, and flourish in gay disregard of such usual necessities as roots, sap, and sustenance.

Information of the coast or anti-aircraft defenses of the United States. It appears from the French report just quoted above, and from the georgs of the attack, that enemy submarines had been notified of our approach and were probably scouting across our route. Creel in Washington, November 29, Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. America got his information were aware of the fact that the Secretary had given out a statement.

This is undoubtedly the submarine which attacked the E on June 25th, miles north of the Azores, and sank the F and G on the 29th of June, miles from Terceira Azores. The specific requests of the army and the navy were georrge paratively few, and were concerned only with the move- ments of troops, the arrival and departure of ships, loca- tion of the fleet, and similar matters obviously secret in their nature.


Catalog Record: How we advertised America; the first telling | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Of all the war- work executives in Washington, Republicans and Democrats alike, it is safe to say that there was not one who did not go to bed at night with the prayer that he might wake in the morning to find Congress only the horrible imagining of uneasy slumber. We shall be telling them all the rest of our lives, and I say we because we share with the soldiers who went to France the dignity and the glory of having fought as they fought, along a somewhat different front and with not quite the same peril; but we fought with the same spirit, we fought for the same cause, we fought with them, and when the night was dark in France, when the stars were not visible over the trenches and the noise of hostile artillery was menacing and fearful, addvertised it was lonesome for the sentinel, the thing that sustained him there, the thing that made it possible for him to stay, was the unseen but almost palpable hand of his country resting on his shoulder.

It organized a bureau of information for all persons who sought direction in volunteer war-work, in acquiring knowledge of any administrative activities, or in approaching business dealings with the government. Seventy-five millions reached the people of America, and other millions went to advertisev corner of the world, carrying our defense and our attack.

In his most hkw manner, Penrose declared that the American public had been “regaled on the Fourth of July with the bom- bastic account of a battle which never occurred, and advetrised lating to a squadron which crsel the ocean in placid seas and arrived on the other side without an important event. The Secretary of the Navy was besieged by correspondents demanding the original cable crreel Ad- miral Gleaves, and when he refused for the very same rea- sons that had prevented publication in the beginning, a great advertisef arose that the whole occurrence had been nothing more than a “Fourth of July hoax.

One is truth; the other is tattle.

How we advertised America ( edition) | Open Library

To the overwhelming proportion of newspapers who have given unselfish, patriotic adherence to the voluntary agreement the government extends its gratitude and high appreciation.

Pou, chairman of the House Rules Committee: I swallowed the impulse, however, and wrote as follows to Mr.

Creel’s idea, and it was certainly a great contribution to the mobilization xiii FOREWORD of the mental forces of America, to have, in lieu of a Com- mittee on Adveertised, a Committee on Public Information for the production and dissemination as widely as possible of the truth about America’s participation in the war.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. At last, however, after what seemed an interminable delay, the report of Admiral Gleaves came to hand, and not only did it bear out the original ho in every degree, but went beyond it. Creel that that publication has passed the wdvertised censor. The trial of strength was not only between massed bodies of armed men, but between op- posed ideals, and moral verdicts took on all the value of military decisions.